Selection History Tool

The Selection History tool is a selection tool that has a memory of previous selections of grouped performers. To access the tool, select the tool from your Tool Palette.

This will open the Selection History Window. This window has two portions: The Favorites list (upper) and History list (lower).

The History list is populated with selections when an editing or drawing tool is used. Selections are remembered per set, per drill and saved with drill files.Selection History Tool

The History list keeps 16 of the most current selections in the list. When more than 16 selections have been made on a set, the most recent will be kept, and those furthest back will be pushed off the list.

To keep a selection in the History list remembered, select the Keep checkbox for that selection. This will keep that particular selection available at the top of the History list, on that particular page.

Select the Favorite option for quick access to the grouped selection at any point in the drill. Selections that have been added to the Favorites list will be accessible on any page of the drill.

Any selections can be renamed by clicking under the Name column for the particular selection you would like to rename.

Selecting the Tool button for a grouped selection will highlight the selected performers and open the tool control panel for the tool that was used.