Spiral Tool Plug-in

In Pyware 3D, the Spiral Drawing Tool is a plug-in that allows a Designer to easily create a fluid spiral shape.
The Spiral Drawing Tool plug-in is an optional purchase. To see if the Spiral Drawing Tool plug-in is installed on your program, select Application Options from the File menu and click on the Plug-Ins tab.

The Spiral tool creates spirals of any number of loops.

This tool is purchased separately as an optional Plug-in.

For first time performers, set the Red and Yellow Anchor of the Count Track to the count of drill
where the spiral shape is to be entered. For transitions of existing performers into a spiral, move the
Red Anchor to the count of drill where the spiral should be drawn. Move the Yellow Anchor to the
beginning of the transition into the new shape. This is usually the previous set in the drill. Select the
existing performers that will be moving into the free form shape using a selection tool. See “First Time
or Transition?” at the beginning of this section for more explanation.Spiral tool

Clicking on the Spiral tool will display the Spiral Tool Control Panel.

Spiral ToolLoops sets the number of times the spiral will loop.

Reverse changes the direction of the spiral.

Many of the options in the Spiral Tool Control Panel are exactly the same as options in the Line tool.
Refer to the Line tool at the beginning of this section for details on the Position, Interval, Clone, Symbol, Color and Matching Lines options, as well as editing handles and Reposition Handles.





Installation Instructions

Installing the Spiral Drawing Tool Plug-In: This Plug-in will not operate on any version of 3D that is less
than version 1.1.1. 3D can be updated from our site at www.pyware.com.