One of the most exciting features of 3D Interactive and 3D Professional is the downloadable Performer’s Practice Tools for performers (or students). The Performer’s Practice Tools is a suite of tools used at home by a performer for viewing, practicing, and printing their drills. Your performers pick up the drills at home effortlessly! No personal email account, no downloading of email attachments, no handling of data files.

Everything is done automatically within the Performer’s Practice Tools. In minutes the most current copy of a drill is loaded directly into the program on the performer’s computer, ready to use. The suite of tools include: The Drill Explorer, The 3D Performance Simulator, The Drill Book printout, The Coordinate List printout, and The Thumbnail Charts printout.


Displays and animates a drill to music. The performer’s place in the drill is brightly spot lit continuously as their position moves from set to set. For a very accurate analysis of a performer’s placement and movement in the drill, the performer can zoom closer to their place. The zoomed display automatically pans the field to keep the performer’s place in view as the drill animates. The performer’s stride is continuously displayed. Animation controls make the performance loop animation between sets, as well as start, stop, and backup at any count of drill.


Prints a list of the performer’s coordinates at each set in a drill. Coordinates can be printed in a variety of sizes; from full page, to small enough to fit in a wallet. With a 3D Production, coordinates for an entire production (multiple drills) can be printed in a single list. The list includes the performer’s location at each set with a resolution up to a sixteenth step. Also shown are set counts and number of counts from the previous set. The Director or Drill Designer no longer has to print hundreds of pages of Coordinate sheets. Now performers can print their own personal Coordinate sheets at home.


Prints a powerful personalized drill book containing an overhead printout of each set printed from the performer’s perspective. On the same page, a chart zoomed near the performer’s area of the field is printed with the performer’s path showing from the previous set and to the next set. At the bottom of each page the coordinates of the previous set, current set, and next set are printed. The printed pages can be folded in half and stapled to make a handy 5.5” by 8.5” drill book for use on the field during rehearsals.


Prints a report consisting of multiple sets per page of a drill. The charts are personalized with the performer’s place highlighted. Use for quick reference during rehearsals.


The patent pending 3D Performance Simulator simulates the drill centering on the performers place in the drill. Interactive marching truly comes to life. As a drill is performed, the performer (student) marches their individual part and the performer is scored according to the accuracy of their step, synchronization, and directional changes. Performers march their part using the numeric keypad. Top score is 1000 points. The performer’s scores are transmitted online to the drill’s Simulator Leader Board. Performers compete daily to get to the top of the leader board. They are practicing without even realizing it!


Prints a certificate for top performers on the Leader Board. Certificates are used by the director for recognition of a performer’s accomplishments.

Download the Performer's Practice Tools

  1. Click on the appropriate operating system platform.
  2. Save it to a location on your hard disk. Remember the location where you saved it.
  3. Locate the file on the hard drive that you downloaded. Double-click the file that you downloaded. This will start the installation of the program.
  4. After the installation has been completed you may be prompted for an Account ID and Account Name (or Group Purchase Activation Code). This information will be provided by your director (and/or) designer.
  5. You may also be prompted for a User Name and Password to access the account. This optional information may be provided to you by your director (and/or) designer.

"This year I assigned one of our three songs each week, to be marched on the simulator for the highest score possible. Then the students would upload their scores to the leader board. During that week they were allowed to march the song as many times as they wanted to try to improve their score. You wouldn’t believe how much they got into it. Some of them were enthusiastic because they wanted to improve their score, or get the highest score. Some of them kept at it because it was helping them improve the execution of their drill on the field. Some felt that it helped them stay in step better. We even had two kids who started out as alternates and wound up with full positions for the last competition. They used the simulator to practice their marching repeatedly outside of rehearsal."

Steve Scherer, Geneseo High School, Fine Arts Department Chair, Director of Bands