Floor Covers Plug-in
Perfect for Winter Guard and Stage Performances!!!

Basketball court

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Another new and innovative tool for the designer who may have a need for floor covers or any performing surface that may require special markings such as basketball courts and soccer fields. The "Floor Covers" plug-in comes complete with a standard junior high basketball court, standard high school and college basketball court, NBA basketball court, standard 100yd x 55yd soccer field, and a standard 120yd x 75yd soccer field. With any paint program that saves 'jpg' files, you can create your own floor cover. Also included is a football field template that you can use to create a football field that has your school logo on it. On the display, the floor covering is layered under a grid layout that can be changed using the 3D Java Grid Designer. This allows you to have complete control over how a floor covering is marked off. The floor covering is seen not only while designing your drill, but also when printing, animating, and viewing in perspective.

The Floor Cover plug-in comes with the following:

  • Floor Cover Loader - imbedded within program keeps track of which floor cover is used with a drill
  • Floor Cover Printer - imbedded within program prints floor cover under a chart similar to a watermark
  • Floor Cover Viewer - imbedded within program creates a special floor cover image that is used in perspective view that can be rotated and tilted
  • 6 Predefined Floor Covers - 3 basketball courts, 2 soccer fields, blank football for inserting your school logo
  • basketball court BasketballSoccer
    NBA BasketballSoccer

  • 6 Grid Layouts for Predefined Floor Covers

The Floor Covers plug-in is an extension of a plug-in designed especially for the designers of the 2002 Winter Olympic Ceremonies. With the curvilinear design of the Olympic stages of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, they have found the Floor Covers to be an invaluable tool in designing these ceremonies.

Price: $75.00

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Click Here to download the Floor Cover Plug-in instructions.