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The following is a step by step guide on how to view a drill on your iOS device.

If you need to upload a drill to share, start with step 1. If you were provided a QR Code for a drill, skip to step 6.

1. Save As Mobile App File

To view any drill file on iOS, you’ll need a mobile compatible drill file. These drill files have a “.3da” extension, so the file might look like filename.3da. If you don’t have a .3da file type, be sure to read up on how to save a .3da on the Save As App File page.

Note: “Save As App File” was introduced on version 8. You’ll need at least version 8 to save a drill in the app file format.

2. Upload the File to Cloud Storage

Once you have a .3da file, you’ll then need to upload the file to a cloud storage service. Any service that provides a download link for your files will work. We recommend using Dropbox due to it’s popularity and simplicity.

3. Copy the Mobile App File URL

After you have uploaded the file to your cloud storage service, copy the “sharing” link for the file.

4. Generate a QR Code

The easiest way to share drill files that are stored in the cloud are with 3D’s Print QR Code feature. Within this feature, you can quickly generate a QR Code for any mobile app file, which can then be scanned by the Pyware 3D Viewer and imported into the app instantly.

To create a QR Code, open 3D and go to File, then Print QR Code. In this new window, you’ll want to enter a name for the QR Code in the Drill Title box, then paste the URL you copied earlier in the Drill URL box.

5. Change URL to a Download Link

We’ll need to slightly alter the mobile file’s “share” link so it will properly load into the app. Instead of using the file’s “share” link, we’ll need to change it to a “download” link.

Using our Dropbox example, you can easily change the share link to a download link. Let’s say that when we click Share for our .3da file in dropbox, it provides us the following link:

To change the share link to a download link, we need to switch the www to a dl in the URL. So the original share links reads:

but after editing, will now look like:

Notice the only change was swapping www for dl. This changes the link to begin a download of the file when you go to that address, which is what our mobile app requires. Be sure to alter the link before creating the QR Code.

Once you have changed the Drill URL, press Save as PDF to create a PDF file of the QR Code, or Print/Preview to print a hard copy.

6. Opening the Drill in iOS

Tap the Open button in the app. The Load/Import window will appear.

Tap Import in the Load/Import window. Select QR Code to start your device’s camera to scan in the QR Code. Point the device’s camera at the drill’s QR Code. The file will begin to download.

Once the download is complete, you’ll then see the drill in the list of available files to open. Tap the file, then press Load.

Click here for an overview of the 3D Viewer app interface.


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Pyware Customer Support wrote: Sep 5, 2018

Beth, The Pyware 3D Viewer app export is available on both version 8 and version 9.

Beth wrote: Sep 5, 2018


Is there a way to do this with 8? We do not have the upgrade to 9, but would still like to view our drill. Thank you for the help!

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Sep 14, 2015


Please make sure you are running the current version of the app. We discovered that not having every performer labeled in a drill could cause multiple issues when using the app. To help alleviate any potential issues, we recently issued an update to the app that will display a message when attempting to open an app file with performers that aren't labeled.

Joe S wrote: Sep 14, 2015

The app only shows performers with labels on the cast list. I assigned most players by symbol and name, but only label squad leaders. The rest do not show up and aren't searchable on the cast list. (However, the assigned name does appear at the top of the screen if I click a player to spotlight.)

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Aug 10, 2015


Currently app files are read only - meaning that once the app file is open the viewer, it cannot be edited. We're looking at improvements on this for the future, and I'll definitely put this on the suggestions list.

In the mean time, if you add the names to the Cast List in 3D and save out a new app file, replace the existing app file in your cloud storage service and then hit refresh in the app to grab the latest copy of the file. This would currently be the best method to get those performer's names in the Cast List.

Eric wrote: Aug 10, 2015

Is there a way for directors to edit the cast list (add performer names) in the mobile app or file?

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Aug 3, 2015


Once the mobile app file has been updated in your cloud storage service, anyone with a copy of the app file can grab the latest copy. To do so, tap Import/Open, tap the file, then tap Refresh. This grabs the latest copy of the file from the online storage service. This is not an automatic process, as the only time the app uses data (WIFI or cellular) is when the user elects to download a file.

From the designer's or director's perspective, to update an app file, save a new copy with the same name, and replace the existing app file with your current (newer) copy in the same folder in your online storage service. This will prevent you from having to create another QR code or URL.

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Aug 3, 2015


Any cloud storage service that allows you to download the file (as opposed to view it, which is the default option when you choose to "share" the file) should work. To use Drive, you'll need to do the following:

1) Right click on the file in Google drive and choose Get Link
2) Click on Sharing settings
3) Click on Get Sharable Link
4) Copy the link that is provided on the next window
5) Go to
6) Paste the sharing link you copied into the top box
7) Press Create Direct Link
8) Copy the output link

At this point, you can either create the QR code using the same method on this page, or distribute that link directly.

Matt wrote: Aug 3, 2015

With this app, if you update drill that has already been distributed to students, does the file update automatically, or do the students have to update, or do they have to download an entirely new file?

Tim wrote: Aug 1, 2015

Is it possible to use google drive instead of dropbox for the download file home location? I have used Drive for all of my work with the schools that I write for and it would make more sense to do it that way. The problem I have encountered is that in the url for the file location there is no "www" to replace with 'dl". the file locations all start with

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Jul 27, 2015


Not currently. Sync'd music is on the list; currently the only audio the app can play would be an audible click track for the tempo. This is found in the Settings of the app.

Luke wrote: Jul 25, 2015

Are you able to play the synchronized music attached to the drill in the app?

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Jul 17, 2015

Quinton, once the drill has been installed to your device, you do not need internet access to use the viewer app.

Quinton wrote: Jul 17, 2015

When using this software in the field do I have to have a constant internet connection to utilize the app

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Jun 5, 2015

Matt, I believe we resolved this issue yesterday. Please let us know if that's not the case.

For anyone else that experiences a similar issue, the problem occurred because of an atypical symbol saved in the drill's file name. Try sticking to numbers, letters, and basic symbols ( - and _ for example) when naming your file in 3D.

Matt wrote: Jun 4, 2015

When trying to import the file in the app, it downloads and indicates that it is saving the file, however at this point the app closes. I have tried this on an iPhone 5c and iPad Air 2.

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Apr 14, 2015

Bob, which step do you get stuck at? Do you get an error or message in the app? If so, we'd need to know what it says so we can point you in the right direction.

Bob wrote: Apr 10, 2015

I was trying to crate a QR code for Pyware 3D viewer, unfortunately I can't download my files from that website. What I should do?

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Jan 21, 2015


It sounds like you have a grasp on what to do. It would be a little hard to troubleshoot through posted comment. I would suggest contacting us (phone or email, whatever is convenient for you) so we could walk through everything together.

Tim Wilson wrote: Jan 16, 2015

Hi. I keep receiving a download error. Could not import 3DA file. Be sure the file was created on current version of Pyware 3d, and the download link is correct. I am generating link through dropbox and QR Code with the DL change as requested. Can you point out what I may be doing wrong Thanks!

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Sep 26, 2014

Joe, try pressing CTRL + V for Windows machines, or CMD + V for Macintosh computers. That should allow you to paste the copied link into the Drill URL box.

Joe wrote: Sep 25, 2014

How do you paste a URL into the URL field of the Print QR Code Section?
I copied the link from the sharing section of Dropbox but unable to paste in Pyware.

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Sep 25, 2014

Thanks for the feedback, Richard. We have updated the page to specify that you would need version 8 to have the mobile app save option.

Richard Powell wrote: Sep 20, 2014

You do not give any information about what version of 3D you need for this to work.

Pyware Customer Support wrote: Sep 2, 2014


You'll need v8 to see the Save As 3D App File option.

Kenny wrote: Aug 29, 2014

When I go to Save As....there's no 3da or app option. Now what?