Effective October 1st, 2018 Fabric Request Process

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Effective October 1st, 2018 Fabric Request Process

Post by Pyware » Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:13 pm

Beginning October 1st, 2018, there will be a service charge to have Pygraphics create custom uniforms, equipment, props, and surfaces.

This service will be purchasable from our website, https://www.pyware.com/real-view-store/.

Why the change?

Several years ago, when we first introduced the Real View, we openly accepted requests for assistance in creating custom uniforms and equipment for those that lacked the know-how and/or software to create it themselves. Being that the Real View was a new and exciting feature, we wanted to help in any way possible to make sure everyone else was just as excited as we were about the possibilities. There was no real policy set in place; a few of the staff that were “okay enough” with Photoshop offered to help when they didn’t have anything pressing in terms of workload.

Fast forward to today: the number of requests we get is not sustainable for our current practice. What once was a “do in your off time” project has become what could be considered a full-time job.

Collectively, the number of uniforms, props, and equipment we’ve created are in the hundreds. We feel that’s a pretty solid foundation to pick from, and more often than not, you’d be able to browse the fabric and prop galleries to find something that’s “close enough” for a visual representation in your program. If that’s not the case, then we’re still happy to create that uniform, prop, equipment etc. for you; but there’s going to be a cost associated with it, as it’s taking away staff from other projects.

Where can I browse the currently available uniforms and props?

Uniforms and flag silks can be found here:

Props have their own gallery, found here:

We’ll have everything that we’ve created available in their respective gallery, all free for you to download. These aren’t going anywhere, and we’ll continue to add to the galleries.

How much will it cost to have you create a custom uniform/equipment/prop?

Pricing can be found through the Real View Store at https://www.pyware.com/real-view-store/

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any comments, questions, or concerns.
Thank you
Dustin Merrell
Pyware Technical Support