The articulations button is located on the Note Palette. Commonly used articulations are displayed on the Note Palette, directly under the show/hide articulation button. To open a larger list of articulations, select the "Note Ornaments" button on the Note Palette. This will open a sub palette with additional articulations as well as dynamics.

Once you add an articulation to a note, you may move the articulation closer or further from the note head, depending on your preference. Select the articulation and a Drag Handle will appear. Adjust where the articulation will be placed by moving the Drag Handle.

To remove an articulation from a note, select the articulation and press the "Delete" button.


Articulations will appear grayed out on the Note Palette if you do not currently have a note selected.

To add the same type of articulation to multiple notes at once, please reference the Phrase Palette.


This page overviews adding and removing articulations, as well as breath marks and fermatas.