The Staff Palette allows you to adjust and edit staves, as well as add or remove staves from a composition. To open the Staff Palette, click to the left of the 1st measure on a staff.

Staff PaletteStaff Palette

Drag Handles

Drag Handles allow you to move selected elements in the program. By selecting an element (ranging from notes and dynamics to articulations or even text) and adjusting its Drag Handle, you can maneuver the selected element to make your notation appear less "cluttered." In this particular example, moving the Drag Handle adjusts your staves up or down the page. The Drag Handle reacts differently, depending on how many staves you have in your file.

If you are starting with a new file, moving the Drag Handle adjusts your staff up or down the page.

If there are multiple staves on your work space and you select the top staff, the Drag Handle will move all staves.

If there are multiple staves on your work space and you select a staff other than the top, the Drag Handle will move the selected staff closer/further from the staff ABOVE your selected staff. All staves BELOW your selected staff will move with your selected staff as well.

Insert Staff

Adds a new staff to your work space. If you select the bottom-most staff in the file, a new window will appear asking if you would like to insert a new staff above or below the bottom (last) staff. If multiple staves are present in a file and you choose to insert a staff from any stave other than the bottom (last) staff, the new staff will be inserted above the currently selected staff.


Selecting the Text button allows you to input special instructions for a Staff. Select a preset from the list, or type your own customized phrase. Once you have input the text, you may select it and a Drag Handle will appear, allowing you to adjust where on your staff the text will sit.


Pressing the Bracket button places a bracket around the selected staff/staves.

Swap Staff

When you have two staves selected, pressing this button will swap their places on the page. This is helpful when changing score order in your file.


Adds a brace to two selected staves.


Closes the palette.


Deletes the currently selected staff. Note that the Delete key has different functionality, depending on what palette you have open.

Staff Options

Selecting the Options button opens the Staff Options window, where you may customize scores with instrument labels and sounds, as well as many other features to make your notation unique. Please visit the Staff Options page for more information.


This page overviews the Staff Palette and editing staves.