Below is a list of special keystroke commands that are available in 3D.

Right Click Functionality

Default Tool – Right click on the design grid to select the Default tool. At the time of installation, the Pointer Selection tool is set as the Default tool.
Set Default Tool – Right click on a tool in the Tool Palette to set the Default tool. The Default tool is automatically selected once you accept any tool.

Double Click Functionality

Minimize/Restore Windows – Double clicking on the title bar of many windows, such as the Perspective View, Real View, Production Sheet, and Virtual Clinic, will minimize or restore the window.
Tool Palette Orientation – Double clicking on the gray bar to the left of the Tool Palette will switch the orientation of the Tool Palette from horizontal to vertical, or from vertical to horizontal.
Pointer Select Recent – Double clicking on the Pointer Selection tool will select the most recent selection.
Page Tab Options – Double clicking on a page tab will display the page tab options.

Modifier Key Combination Functionality

Selection Tools

Adding/Removing Performers in Selection – [SHIFT] + click or [SHIFT] + drag with any Selection tool will add or remove performers from the selection.
Add to Selection – [SHIFT] + click on a Selection tool will allow you to continue selecting performers with the Selection tool you [SHIFT] + clicked on. This will not clear your last selection. For example, if you have a group of performers selected with the Box Selection tool, you could [SHIFT] + click on the Lasso Selection tool, and while holding SHIFT, continue selecting performers to add to your currently selected performers.

Drawing and Editing Tools

Move Relocation Handle – [SHIFT] + [ARROW KEY] while in a Drawing or Editing tool will move the relocation handle by one step in the direction of the arrow you pressed.
Rotate Relocation Handle – [CTRL] + [ARROW KEY] while in a Drawing or Editing tool will rotate the handle by 5 degrees in the direction of the arrow you pressed.
Tool Panel Relocation – [CTRL] + [ALT] + click with a tool panel open to move the tool panel to your mouse location.
Symbol Box – [ALT] + click in a symbol box of any Drawing or Editing tool will open a Symbol window. This window will show the actual symbols that will be displayed when using specialized 3D fonts.
Drawing Tool Interval Box – [ALT] + click in the Interval box of any Drawing tool will open the Mixed Interval window. This window allows the input of complex mixed intervals.
Performer Matching Selection – [ALT] + clicking on 2 performers that are stacked on top of each other will select the performer on the bottom.
Adding/Removing Editing Handles – [SHIFT] + click on an editing handle to remove it from the form. [SHIFT] + click on the form to add a handle to the form.

Count Track

Jump Anchors to Same Page Tab – [ALT] + click on a page tab to set both Red and Yellow Anchors on the same page tab.
Yellow Anchor to Previous Set – [CTRL] + click on a page tab will move the Yellow Anchor to the previous full page tab, skipping any sub sets.
Delete a Page Tab – [ALT] + click on a page tab when the Count Track is unlocked to delete the page tab.
Reset Count Track Zoom – [CTRL] + click on the Count Track Zoom button will reset the zoom of the Count Track to default.
Count Track Zoom – [SHIFT] + click on the Count Track Zoom button zooms the out from the Count Track.
Select a Range of Pages – [SHIFT] + click on page tabs, in the Production Sheet, or in the Virtual Clinic windows will allow you to select a range of pages.

Animation Controls

Open Document Preferences – [ALT] + click on the Play button to open the Document Options’ Preferences tab to assign a music file.
Clear Music Synchronization – [ALT] + click on the Speaker button in the Animation Controls to clear the music synchronization.

Field Display Window

Reset Zoom and/or Grid Shift – [ALT] + click on the Zoom or Grid Shift tool the settings for these tools will be reset to default.
Zoom Out From Grid – [CTRL] + click with the Zoom tool enabled will zoom out from the design area.

Classic Perspective View

Reset Perspective View Tools – [ALT] + clicking on the Tilt, Shift, or Zoom buttons will reset the perspective view to default.


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