Proximity Match

Not sure where to start? This new matching option matches positions from the old form to the new form based on performers' distance between forms.



Radial clones, linear clones, concentric clones. We're seeing double. And triple. And get the point.

Elevating to New Heights

Introducing the Z Axis, featuring performers on props, props on props, pass-overs, pass-unders, and pass-throughs.


Stagger Tool

Control, meet Chaos.

The new Stagger editing tool allows you to set performers to step off/drop off at any count of the transition. Easily chain the step off/drop off between performers for dissolves and scatters. Sound awesome? It is.


Props Edited as Performers

No need to fear when the director tells you they want 40 props on the field to move throughout the show. With version 9, you can enter and edit props just as fast as performers. You’ll even be able to print out prop coordinates, too.


Simple(r) Audio Sync

Tap. Tap. Done.

We're much better software developers than video editors.

New Interface

Not all polish is under the hood.

New look & feel + UI scaling for high resolution displays + tools combined for less clicks = productivity.

Image is not available

Face To/Away From Point

Is this too many trumpets?

Set a focal point (area on the field, or a prop/performer) for performers to face to and/or away from.

Image is not available


If your instructions don't make sense, try adding simple shapes and colors. We simplified the Arrow tool and added the ability to create arrows from your drawing tools.

Image is not available

'Rise Over Run' Interval Options

Because how else do you clean a 3.162 step interval?

Need to incorporate more "teachable" diagonals? Use the new Rise over Run interval option

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Version 9.2 Features

  • Audio Sync
    • Sync by page tab tempo (automatic)
    • Sync from count (automatic for resyncing)
      • Audio plays an 8 count lead-in to time beginning of resync
  • Drawing Tools
    • Cloning
      • New cloning options: radial, linear, concentric
  • Grid Designer
    • Custom gridline weights
    • Custom Hash names
    • Text entry for marker and divider location for precise size and location
  • Document Options
    • Author and Copyright logos
      • Displayed on both the Real View and drill chart print outs
  • Visuals Editor
    • Facing
      • New Face Grouping Order / Reverse Grouping Order
      • Text entry for exact facing angle
  • Printing
    • Custom font choices
  • Production Sheet
    • CSV file types are now compatible for import
  • Application Options
    • Custom color selection for locked performers
    • Option to hide cursor for pen input devices
  • Improved Proximity Matching logic
  • Continuation files now default to continue from last page tab
  • Save As now defaults to drill package file type

All Features

  • Z-Axis functionality (Performers on Props)
    • Performers and objects are stackable
  • Printing
    • DrillBook Print Formatting
      • Print Production Notes
      • Print blank Note lines
  • UI Scaling for menu items and dialog
  • Count Track phrases
    • Apply Color over range
  • Small School Venue
  • Performer Props
    • Podiums (2 Tier, 3 Tier, 4 Tier)
    • Stairs
    • Metal Bleachers
  • Equipment
    • Drum Major Baton
    • Double Sided Flag
  • Production Sheet
    • Customizable Columns
  • Real View
    • Sizable to 4k resolution
    • FPS cap increased to 120
    • Updated 3D rendering engine
  • Proximity Match
  • Stagger Editing Tool
  • Annotation
    • Fill Shape Color
    • Arrow Line Color
    • Directional Arrow Heads
    • Create Arrows from Drawing tools
  • Count range displayed when adding pages via Count Track
  • Interval Alignment Options
    • Align interval left, center, right
  • Grid Shift and Grid Zoom tools merged
  • Print Grouping on chart print outs
  • Animation Controls
    • Jump to Next/Previous Page
  • New Interface
    • Scalable UI, new look & feel
  • Face to/Away from Point
    • Face to/Away from Performer
  • 'Rise over Run' Interval Options
  • Print Coordinates:
    • Customize Print out
    • Include measures on print out
  • Labeling
    • Reset to secondary position
    • Reset label distance
    • Stagger label distance option
  • Adjuster Tool
    • Added Edit Path option
  • Props entered and edited as performers
  • Props size scale over range
  • New Audio Sync Options
    • Sync by specifying first and last count of audio
    • Resync starting from certain count
  • New Prop Types
    • Shapes
      • Knot
    • Structure
      • Arches
      • Ramp
      • Interior Room
      • 4ft Podium
      • Tunnel
  • Instruction Report Printouts: Director And Performer
    • Print out reports with both transitional and visual instructions
  • Mobile App Compatibility
    • Export drill files for use in the Pyware 3D Viewer
  • New Animations and Poses
    • Crawl, Lay Down, Sit (legs out, legs at 45), Hands & Knees, Bend at Waist 45
    • Down Attention, Drum Set Sit, Drum Set Play
  • Auto Save
  • Unified Print
    • Send multiple print jobs (such as Cast List, Charts, and Coordinates) to print at once
  • Shift All Performers
    • Move the entirety of a drill in a direction you specify
  • New Props
    • Drum Set, Pedal Glockenspiel, Subwoofer, Tube Bells, Preset Pits, French Horn, Air Blades
  • Resize Tool
    • Resize to Interval
  • Venues
    • Japanese gym
  • Real View
    • 3D perspective with fluid marching and visual animations
    • Multiple camera angles
  • Props
    • Shapes
      • Sphere, Vertical Circle, Flat Circle, Cylinder, Box, Dome, Pyramids, Cone, Torus, Tube
    • Instruments
      • Accessory Rack, Concert Bass Drum, Gong, Marimba, Xylophone, Speakers, Timpani, Vibraphone, Synthesizer
    • Drum Major Hat
    • Baton
  • Video Capture
  • Undo/Redo
  • Audio Sync by Page (set)
  • Copy/Paste Visuals
  • Custom Yard Line Markers
  • Copy, Cut, and Paste sections of drill
  • Rippled Visuals
  • Venues
    • Gymnasiums (square and rectangular)
  • Various upper and lower body visuals
  • Production Sheet (Interactive and Professional editions)
    • Map out your charts before design takes place
    • Insert measures, sets/subsets, transitions, and notes
    • Print, Import, Export
  • Fixed Interval Float Tool (Interactive and Professional editions)
    • Create curved path transitions with fixed (locked) intervals
  • Touchscreen Compatibility
  • Virtual Clinic
    • Runs behind the scenes while designing drill
    • Checks and warns for excessive step size, collisions, and extreme direction changes
  • Selection History Tool
  • Save as PDF
  • Stride Zone
    • Displays working area around selected performers that should be achievable to reach during the transition range
  • Set Reference Tool
    • Define dress points in a form
  • Multi-drill coordinate and chart printing
  • Import/Export Cast List
  • 3D Helper System


The most trusted name in drill design, ever.

Pyware 3D is used by marching ensembles across the world to develop their routines. Since 1982, Pyware has been the recognized leader in drill design software.

Available in 3 editions, Pyware 3D is the solution for ensembles of any size or skill.


All drawing tools in 3D are simple and intuitive.

With lines and curves, spirals and polygons, filled shapes and scripts, you can specify the exact location, number of performers, and interval of your desired formations.


Pyware 3D’s Real View touts fluid marching and visual animations, customizable props, uniforms, instrumentation, venues, surfaces and more.


With Pyware 3D’s Virtual Clinic, 4 different analyzers constantly scan your drill and provide live feedback.

Watch for excessive strides, collisions, extreme direction changes and inconsistencies before hitting the field.


Ever had a numbers change in your ensemble? Us too.

With Pyware, you can quickly add or remove cast members in the Drill Rewrite utility.

Write forwards or backwards, and add or remove counts anywhere, at any time with 3D’s patented Count Track.

Drill Rewrite


Over 35 years in the industry. Not many software companies can say that.

If it’s happened in the marching arts, Pyware has seen it. When you purchase Pyware, you’re getting decades of experience coupled with unrivaled customer support. The software’s pretty great, too.


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  • Draw
  • Edit
  • Animate
  • Print
  • Sync Audio
  • App Compatibility
  • Real View
  • Customize Grid
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Production Sheet
  • Fixed Interval Float Tool
  • Online File Manager
  • Spiral Plug-in
  • Drill Book Plug-in
  • Floor Covers Plug-in
  • Traditional Tools Plug-in
  • 3 installs
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  • Draw
  • Edit
  • Animate
  • Print
  • Sync Audio
  • App Compatibility
  • Real View
  • Customize Grid
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Production Sheet
  • Fixed Interval Float Tool
  • Online File Manager
  • * Spiral Plug-in
  • * Drill Book Plug-in
  • * Floor Covers Plug-in
  • * Traditional Tools Plug-in
  • 2 installs
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  • Draw
  • Edit
  • Animate
  • Print
  • Sync Audio
  • App Compatibility
  • Real View
  • Customize Grid
  • * Spiral Plug-in
  • * Drill Book Plug-in
  • * Floor Covers Plug-in
  • * Traditional Tools Plug-in
  • 2 installs
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