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You asked! We delivered! Introducing the Pyware 3D Mobile Editor. The perfect sidekick to make impromptu changes on the field, right away. Instantly sync those changes in the UDB App and your Pyware Portal.

$99.99 with Pyware License.
$199.99 without Pyware License.

"In working directly with the Mobile Editor, I have seen the future of Pyware. Every iteration of Pyware pushes our medium forward, and this is no exception! The ability to edit drill on the fly, upload those changes to UDB, all while holding my iPad is a game changer. When performers have the best and most up-to-date information in their hands, groups will move more effectively and with more efficiency. The possibilities of the mobile editor are endless".

Jon Sweet - Purdue University "All-American" Marching Band


  • Open Pyware 3D® drill packages (.3dz)
  • Files can be accessed from the Pyware Portal
  • Pinch zoom, rotate, tilt and shift to view the drill from any angle
  • Animation shows true pathways for all performers
  • Fluid or step-time animation
  • Play with audio file
  • Repeat and Play All animation controls
  • Count Track that allows you to stop and view any count of drill
  • View entire Production Sheet
  • Editing tools
    • Morph Tool
    • Push Tool 
    • Adjuster tool
  • Selection Tools
    • Spotlight Tool (Single or multiple performers)
    • Pointer Tool
    • Box Selection Tool
    • Lasso Selection Tool
  • Sync with Pyware Portal account.
  • Upload Directly to UDBapp

Download the Pyware 3D Mobile Editor