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Pyware 3D Viewer allows you to take your Pyware 3D® drills anywhere. Designed for both instructors and performers, the app eliminates the need to print anything.


  • Open Pyware 3D® mobile drill files (.3da)
  • Files can be accessed from cloud storage services by entering a download link or scanning a QR code from within the app
  • Pinch zoom, rotate, tilt and shift to view the drill from any angle
  • Animation shows true pathways for all performers
  • Fluid or step-time animation
  • Up to 8x animation speed
  • Repeat and Play All animation controls
  • Count Track that allows you to stop and view any count of drill
  • View entire Production Sheet and Text Box instructions
  • Search for performers in the drill’s Cast List
  • Switch between ensemble view and performer view
  • See detailed performer coordinate instructions on any count of the drill
  • Spotlight an individual performer
  • Switch between 3D’s surfaces, flat color, and high contrast for the performance area
  • Loads grids for any performance area (fields, gyms, streets, stages, etc.)
  • Toggle step grid on/off
  • Easily refresh drill files to download the latest changes

Download the Pyware 3D Viewer App