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We are thrilled to announce one of the latest Pyware projects is nearing its release date! Get your up-and-coming band kids excited — have your current band members practicing their routines! All in one fun, challenging, interactive app.
Inspire your new students to start designing their own drill, either solo or with a design team of their friends, with Pyware Junior Designer! Students can challenge themselves with templates from famous designers and performing groups. The more they design and continue to level up, new features in the game will unlock!
For your existing band members, just upload your drill to Pyware Junior Performer and have students simulate drill movements for a perfect score! With the game constantly refreshing to your most updated drill, members can view and simulate even last-minute changes to the show!



Pyware Junior Designer

  • Full tutor system to help you create your show.
  • Choose from 3 different and 5 different sizes.

Pyware Junior Performer

  • Learn your drill moves with the Pyware Junior Performer Simulator

Download Pyware Junior