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Students who might be aspiring drill writers, can access Pyware Jr. Designer to start designing their own drill! Either solo or with a design team of their friends, students can design with templates from famous performing groups or create their own masterpiece. The more they design and continue to level up, new features in the game will unlock!

With the new Pyware Junior, kids can get familiar with your drill at home BEFORE they arrive at camp!

Pyware Jr. Performer allows students to simulate the drill movements for a perfect score on their phones or tablets as they visualize taking the field this upcoming marching season. With the app continually updating as drill is being designed, students can view and practice even last-minute changes to the show. The Pyware Jr. Performer is a game specifically designed to be used at home that scores a student's ability to generally navigate through their drill.

Actual detailed, on-the-field drill instruction is accomplished with the UDBapp. (


Pyware Junior Designer

  • Full tutor system to help you create your show.
  • Choose from 2 different shows and 5 different sizes.

Pyware Junior Performer

  • Learn your drill moves with the Pyware Junior Performer Simulator

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