Pyware 3D User Quotes

Pyware 3D User Quotes

Here are some things that customers are saying about Pyware 3D!

“I have had a front row seat to observe the way Pyware has revolutionized the craft of drill design and the methodology of creating shows over the past couple of decades. Aside from building a tool that helps artists bring their visions to life, and constantly improving that tool,  the Pyware team has created a culture of customer service that is second to none. I use Pyware every day, and am thankful to have such support. “

-Michael Gaines

“Pyware’s drill writing software is a fantastic and powerful tool, but it is the people at Pyware and everything they do that is truly unbelievable. They have helped me troubleshoot issues at some of the most inconvenient of times, never leaving a problem until there is a solution. I have occasionally sent them features I wish the software could do, and low and behold on the next update, there is said new feature. They truly care that their products and staff is meeting all of your expectations and Pyware doesn’t just meet all of those expectations, it far exceeds them!”

-Kevin Nevsimal

“The new version 10 has cut my writing time and teaching time in half.  The sketch tool has allowed me to spend less time with trial and error moving a form and more time creating the look I want.  Proximity match has allowed me to get to a solid filled in form much quicker. The stagger tool in combination with the UDB app allows teaching a ripple move to be much less time involved because the students can find their own step off and arrival counts through the app. The animation can now be exactly what you want the band to do.

Being able to call and get an answer quickly is the best part. Constantly upgrading the system to meet the needs of designers.  AND, yall are great friends!!!!”

– Kevin Nix

“Pyware lets me ride the front wave of emerging learning technology while still delivering clear and easy to understand instructions to students. The ability of a student to see their show, or just their form, or even just their own point of view, is an invaluable tool-set for developing literacy in the marching arts. Plus, it’s just freaking cool. It’s cool when the kids get to see their uniform, and hear their music, and watch their show animate. Then the charts and apps tell them right where to be and when. This is education in the twenty-first century. Victor Neves, Pyware user since 1987”

-Victor Neves

“The quality and speed of Pyware’s customer support is truly unlike any other. I challenge any other company in almost any other field to come close to their level”

“Pyware has made me a better visual designer. I resisted moving away from the light board to the computer for years believing that the computer would be too limiting. I was wrong. The flexibility and speed at which I’m able to work makes charting for a 350 piece ensemble almost as easy as writing for 35. Whether it is a major Big Ten university, a national contender competitive high school, or a small band that exclusively performs Friday night football games, I’m able to give each ensemble exactly what it needs to perform its best. I can’t imagine writing without Pyware anymore.

The quality and speed of Pyware’s customer support is truly unlike any other. I challenge any other company in almost any other field to come close to their level”

-J.R. Trimpe

“Pyware isn’t just the industry standard, Pyware is the industry. When it comes to customer service and design pallete options, there is simply no replacement. Professionals that utilize Pyware have an advantage over those that don’t in the creative marketplace.”

-Wesley Pendergrass

“I made the switch to Pyware about 15 years ago…it was incredibly intuitive and powerful right from the start. I can see the enormous leap in design cohesiveness from the moment I switched to it. And if the software’s power wasn’t enough to ensure that it remains the industry standard (it most certainly is), the customer service is beyond anything I’ve ever seen with any company. The good folks at Pyware are ALWAYS around, and ALWAYS helpful. I’ve had drill “emergencies” at midnight on a Sunday that were resolved because these guys were available on social media or by a phone call. Simply speaking, Pyware is the gold standard for pageantry design, and have a well-deserved reputation for quality and customer service. Here’s to another 15 years of using Pyware in my designs!”

-Nikk Pilato

“I have been drill designing since the late 1990’s, which had lots and lots of differing drill design softwares…and none of them truly worked for a military styled band.  Then I discovered Pyware, which was still Virtual 3D at the time.  This was, literally, a gift sent from heaven!  I never saw software that could easily work for styes that are not pageantry band-based.

Then came 3D with a special plugin packet designed primarily for military styled bands.  The single most powerful tools in Pyware history were released primarily for this style (but other styles, including pageantry bands, are more than welcome to use them also).  The care that Pyware the software takes for non-pageantry bands, and especially military styled bands, just cannot be overstated.  Pyware is an impossibly large tent and all styles, (pageantry, corps, show, military, high step, scatter, and any others I am forgetting right now) are universally welcome.

The company itself has some of the best customer service I have ever seen.  I have never been treated with any form of disrespect by them, no matter the question or problem.  The company philosophy seems to be one of inclusiveness of all styles of marching and it shows, right down to their customer service.  Thank you for being inclusive of all marching styles.  You are truly the best!”

-Gregory Bailey

“First and foremost, Pyware is in the people business.  Not only do they listen to designers, but they make the software better for the KIDS.  Every change Pyware has implemented over the years had made design easier, teaching easier, and comprehension easier for the performers.  This applies to all levels, from emerging programs, to the top drum corps.

Pyware has customer service that is second to none.  Period.  In any industry.  The team is reachable at almost any platform, any hour, any day, and any time of year, especially in the crazy months of marching band deadlines.   I wish they could run the airline industry!

As a designer who works with many groups across the country and around the world, there is absolutely no way I could do what I do without Pyware and the incredible support team.”

-Ron Hardin

“Pyware is far and away the very best visual design software available!  They constantly strive to improve the product and, unlike most software companies, they truly listen to their clients. Striving to make the product easier and more intuitive based on suggestions by users.  Customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered with Dustin and Amanda answering inquiries or service in problems at all times of the day and night…I don’t think they really ever sleep!  Using Pyware allows me to keep current with visual design trends and better serve my clients every day – and I started writing with light boards, flexible rulers and French curves!”

-Ted Reicher

“Pyware allows me to transform my imagination into reality with many new and updated tools that have unlocked a variety of options for movement on almost any surface. Pyware’s detailed animations can potentially save a Band Director hours of instructional time. It helps teachers better meet a diverse set of learning styles. Pyware is the industry leader in product support and adapting their product to meet the ever-evolving needs of visual designers around the world.”

-Doug Goodwin

“Pyware is the most intuitive charting software I have used over my 25+ year career writing shows. From the ability of my clients to see a real view video, to the use of different tools to make my life easier designing, There is no other product I would rather use. Pyware has made my workflow faster and simpler through the years. When I started on writing drill on paper, it would take me hours to write several pages each day. Now I can flow from my design idea to the page in a fraction of the time it used to take. This has allowed me to be more efficient and offer more to my clients. The Drill ReWriter has saved me hours of time by intelligently offering solutions to the drill that was written. The turn around time on rewrites for closing holes and adding performers has dramatically dropped and allowed my clients to get back to teaching their shows.
The Customer Service Team that Pyware has assembled has always impressed me from day one. Their knowledge of the product and willingness to interact with designers is above and beyond most companies. We all know that Designers work at odd hours. I have had questions late in the evening get answered by the team via Facebook with offers of remoting to my computer to solve the issue. I cannot imagine using another company for my design software. Pyware wins in every category.”

-James Hensley