At Pygraphics, we’re proud of the reach we’ve made over the years to ensembles in the US as well as across the globe.

With college football (and consequently bowl season) coming to a close, we thought it would be interesting to research how many of those college marching bands at bowl games use Pyware to chart those fan favorite halftime shows.

So we sat down on Monday morning, fired up the coffee pot, kicked the tires on our database and got to work. Out of the 40 bowl games this season, we can comfortably say 39 games had (or will have – looking at you, National Championship) college marching bands that depend on Pyware. Not bad!

We’re incredibly thankful that so many ensembles rely on Pyware to design their entertainment that spreads joy to the masses.

Congratulations to all the bowl winners this year! And to those of you that didn’t take home a trophy, don’t stress; 2nd place ain’t bad!

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