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Additional seats allow you to have Pyware 3D on more devices than a standard license allows.
Standard license count:
3D Basic - 2 devices
3D Professional - 3 devices
3D Professional Lab - 6 devices
3D Subscriptions - Varies

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Cloud Subscription

The main reason for the subscription is for the Java licensing that is now in place. The subscription cost shown below covers all devices that will run your Pyware license for 3 years. We are required to report install counts for the running environment annually. We upgraded the version of Java we use to ensure compatibility going forward with new operating systems, as well as improved performance. Since we were having to add this license cost, we wanted to add as much value to it as possible.

So, in addition to the Java license, you will receive:

  • A new Design Team Collaboration System for staff members and designers to work both simultaneously and remotely on the same drill.
  • Increased cloud storage on each user’s Portal.
  • A Premium Real View Asset Store with enhanced textures and larger library of props, accessories, and equipment.
  • Automated on-the-field updating to UDB App of real-time rehearsal drill changes.
  • A new 3D Viewer with direct file access to the Portal.

We will also be adding more features to this as the Version 11 lifecycle continues. We want to provide the best product and service to everyone that we can.

  • Subscription Fee Based On License Selection: $
  • Subscription Fee Expiration Date:

Subtotal $

Questions? Please contact us at sales@pyware.com or by phone at 800-222-7536.