Pyware Curriculum for High School

We are offering a predesigned curriculum accessed through the new Pyware Curriculum App. This is an incredibly unique opportunity for students to experience the behind-the-scenes aspects of marching season — production planning, drill design, and rehearsal.

If you already have a curriculum prepared and just need your students to have access to Pyware at home, we are also offering a multi-month student subscriptions. Students will have the ability to download the software on their home computers.

And of course… If you want the total package, we are happy to provide your program with both the subscriptions and curriculum.

Through the Pyware Curriculum App, students will be provided with 2 productions (courtesy of DCI/BOA arranger Steve Vento), including parts and scores, and will select one to design. Students will refer to a design rubric and work individually or in groups (virtually) to arrange a story board for their production. This will include ideas for uniforms, show title, equipment, props, etc.

Students will utilize Pyware 3D, referencing the provided video tutorials, to design the show, sync chosen music, and bring their production to life with the Real View. Throughout the design process, they will also record themselves practicing along with the score and submit rehearsal recordings to the director. There will be three different tempos available for the students to build their way up to show tempo.

The idea of this curriculum is for students to use the tools we provide and experience the journey from planning a performance to creating a virtual 3D production.

*To be eligible for this option, the school must own a Version 10 license.

Pyware 3D Student Subscriptions — HIGH SCHOOL

Students will have access to a multi-month subscription of Pyware 3D BASIC Version 10. The subscription will come with a “how to” tutorial — an overview of the tools, steps to begin writing your drill, how to sync music, add performers, etc. Students will gain insight into the design aspect of their season as they experience firsthand writing and creating drill.

The director will be sent a portal group with the number of students in the band. They will then create user profiles for each of the students and send out the installation instruction email.

For High School Directors interested in any portion of the curriculum please contact for a specific quote.