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Music Writer Touch


Notation at your fingertips. Literally.

Touch Screen Compatible

Music Writer Touch was developed for use on touch screen displays and interactive whiteboards. If you don’t have access to either, don’t worry. You can still enter notation with a standard computer keyboard & mouse, or
MIDI input keyboard.With an interface you can quickly and easily resize, you’ll have no problem navigating interactive displays whether you’re working on a 17 inch monitor or a 6 ft. whiteboard.

Little to No Learning Curve

MWT sports an extremely friendly user interface. Select a “hot spot” in the program to open a palette. Pressing a button on the palette adds the element of your choice. No navigating through toolbars and opening/closing
windows. Palettes in the program have a wealth of tools for notation. You literally have the components to begin notation at your fingertips.

Cut, Copy, Paste & Filtered Paste

Whether you want to duplicate a phrase and repeat it later in a piece, or you need to pull a segment, you will be able to quickly and easily cut, copy and paste notation. Filtered Paste allows you to define what you want
to paste with notes (for example: you would like to carry the note pitch and duration, however you don’t want any articulations. Choose Copy then Filtered Paste, and opt out of pasting articulations.)

Take Your Work With You!

Your MWT files are saved as MIDI files, which allows you to take your MWT work and listen to it in most MIDI playback devices and programs.

Simple Note Entry

Notes can be placed on your staff by a computer keyboard, mouse, MIDI keyboard, or even your hands (with a touch screen monitor). Notes are entered step-time with a MIDI keyboard.

Helper Function

Not sure what a button or tool does? The Helper function gives specific information instantly. Selecting the Helper tool will open a small, non-intrusive window with tips and instructions for efficient music notation.

Extract Parts

Quickly extract parts or instruments from scores or files with multiple instruments.

Manages Note Spacing

MWT manages note spacing based on the size of the measure, note duration and accidentals automatically. However, if you feel that you would like to shrink or expand a measure, you can do so at any bar-line.

Measure Balance

Counts in a measure are tracked so all measures are balanced.

Quick, Clean Printing

Whether you’re ready for practice, turning in your homework, or distributing sheet music, printing in MWT will put your ideas on paper quickly. Less time spent prepping, more time spent playing.


Intelligent Undo/Redo function has an impressive memory. You’ll be able to cycle through multiple actions to get back to the nearest correct spot in your notation.

One Click Transposition

If you are writing for a transposing instrument, click the “Transpose” button on the Toolbar to instantly transpose notation to concert pitch. Select the button again and Music Writer Touch will switch notation back to
written pitch.

Scroll & Page View

With both Scroll and Page View layouts available, you’re bound to find your rhythm for effortless notation.

Installation Flexibility

A license of Music Writer Touch allows the user to run the program on 2 machines. With the license information stored in the cloud, you can easily remove an installation from one (or both!) of your machines and install
and run the program on a replacement – no questions asked.



Help bring your classroom to life with our Music Writer Touch program! Your students will dive right in and instantly begin participating in classroom activities when using MWT.