Prop files are applied through the Visuals Editor in the Pyware 3D Tool Palette.

To load a prop file:

  • Click the image to download the prop zip file.
  • Save the prop zip file to your computer.
  • Extract all files from the prop zip file.
  • In Pyware 3D, select the performer(s) you wish to assign as the prop(s).
  • Open the Visuals Editor, and go to the Performer Prop tab.
  • Refer to the prop’s readme.txt file in the zip file for the following instructions:
    • Select the appropriate prop shape/type.
    • Select the appropriate prop image (if applicable).
    • Set the appropriate prop dimensions (if applicable).
  • Apply changes in the Visuals Editor.

For more information, see the Pyware 3D User Guide.

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