Prop files are applied through the Visuals Editor in the Pyware 3D Tool Palette.

To load a prop file:

  • Click the image to download the prop zip file.
  • Save the prop zip file to your computer.
  • Extract all files from the prop zip file.
  • In Pyware 3D, select the performer(s) you wish to assign as the prop(s).
  • Open the Visuals Editor, and go to the Performer Prop tab.
  • Refer to the prop’s readme.txt file in the zip file for the following instructions:
    • Select the appropriate prop shape/type.
    • Select the appropriate prop image (if applicable).
    • Set the appropriate prop dimensions (if applicable).
  • Apply changes in the Visuals Editor.

For more information, see the Pyware 3D User Guide.

One Comment

  1. Jason Nunes

    Is there any chance that the sail .png is corrupted for the Sailboat prop download? Each time I download it, it shows it as 1kb compressed and unable to open it after I extract it.

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