Rehearsal Remastered

Rehearsal Remastered


Pygraphics, Inc. is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with Ultimate Drill Book to bring the power and accuracy of Pyware 3D to Ultimate Drill Book. Available immediately, Pyware 3D files can be effortlessly exported from 3D to the Ultimate Drill Book app.

“This alliance is going to radically improve rehearsals,” says Mark Mullins, Marketing Director for Pygraphics. “Drill Designers can upload their work in Pyware to the UDB servers, which can be instantly downloaded by both directors and performers. We’re not just eliminating paper; we’re eliminating lost time.”

We’re not just eliminating paper; we’re eliminating lost time.

The UDBapp will read Pyware files, which includes synced music, step sizes and pathways, instruction, and performer coordinates; all with the accuracy you expect from Pyware 3D.

Mike Fanning, Visual Caption Head for the 2016 DCI World Champion Bluecoats, has already implemented the UDBapp into the corps’ routine and fully agrees. “UDBapp has completely changed the way we learn and clean drill at the Bluecoats. We can literally go from an idea in Pyware to learning it on the field in seconds. This app will change the entire marching activity.”

“To have an ensemble of that caliber adopt and endorse the UDBapp during the inaugural season speaks volumes to the legitimacy of the product UDB has developed,” says Mark Mullins. “We recognize the positive impact UDB has made in the industry with their physical drill books. This collaboration [between Pyware and UDB] seemed natural. At the end of the day, everyone wants what is best for the performers, and we feel working together with UDB will help meet that goal.”

To learn more about the UDBapp, click here.

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