35 Years and Counting

35 Years and Counting

This year marked the 35th anniversary of Pygraphics! The Pyware team was ecstatic to celebrate a booming 35 years as the leader of drill design software. While reminiscing on the journey of groundbreaking innovations, phenomenal half-time shows and humbling accolades, the phone rings…

One of the most esteemed magazines in the music industry was on the other line — SBO Magazine. School Band and Orchestra (SBO) is recognized for highlighting the accomplishments of notable ensembles, schools and music organizations throughout the country. SBO also keeps the music community cognizant of the newest music technology innovations, instruments, practice methods, etc. With subscribers all over the map, the magazine is a preeminent proponent of music education and technology.

Following conversation, the anniversary celebration exceeded all expectations the moment SBO Magazine requested to compose an article on Pyware’s 35 years in its Technology section. Pyware’s president Py Kolb and his team were overjoyed to assist one of the writers for the magazine, Marty Steiner, in creating the narrative of how Py’s idea matured into a world-renowned music software company not to be reckoned with.

Steiner gave an excellent description of Pyware’s chronology, beginning with Py’s visions of designing field shows, jotted down on random papers scattered all over his desk. To his favor, around the same time of these genius ideas, introductory computers were being made. Py saw that his ideas had so much potential with the newfound catalyst of the computers, he then constructed a software tool to allow band directors and drill designers a more accessible method to design their shows.

Py shared his designs for field shows in his first convention but surprisingly, every band director and designer were far more intrigued by the software that made those designs possible. That is when Py’s mission to make an impact in the music industry became crystal clear.

Marty Steiner delivered a perfect interpretation of the history of Pygraphics, our supporters that were with us from inception and the effort it took to take an idea scribbled on a piece of paper to a globally recognized computer music software company. We would love to thank SBO and writer Marty Steiner for taking the time to highlight our work. The Pyware team feels blessed and honored for making it this far and we look forward to the journey ahead.

Pyware encourages everyone to check out Marty Steiner’s exceptional piece on Pygraphics on the SBO Magazine website!

35 Years of Pyware Drill Design Software

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