Leveling Up Your Visual Experience

For decades, Pyware 3D has provided a premier visual experience to preview your show – we’ve taken it to another level. We are now introducing the option to customize your uniforms, equipment, surfaces, and props for an even more realistic … Read More

One of Ten

This year, local Keller High School Indian marching band wrapped one of the most successful marching seasons in school history. Here at Pyware, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge their success, specifically how they closed out 2018. Following … Read More

OU Off to Orange Bowl

The University of Oklahoma Marching Band, more commonly known as “The Pride of Oklahoma,” is comprised of 325 members and will be performing at this year’s Orange Bowl. This 2018-19 season presented the program with a jam-packed schedule. Rigorous training, … Read More

My Take on World Class Finals

Before I begin…The Pyware team would like to send our congratulations to Santa Clara Vanguard and Michael Gaines for earning the title as the 2018 Drum Corps International World Champions! What an incredible honor and so exciting to witness! August … Read More

DCI North Texas Review

Holy “stick!” (pun intended) Thursday, July 19th was one heck of a hot day! The 110° temperature almost scorched my pale, pasty skin as I walked to the 2018 DCI North Texas show. The torrid heat even convinced the judging panel … Read More

The Legacy of the Eagle

Approaching on four decades of business in the music software industry, Pygraphics has been extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work alongside brilliant directors. One of those, we hold in such high regard, having privilege to call a … Read More

Easter 2018

Hey there! It’s Py and Cayleen’s daughter checking in. I am blessed and honored to write on behalf of my family, both blood and business related. As a strong, undeniably Christian unit, we would like to thank our customers from … Read More


DCI, Pyware…Let’s “Stick” Together

Drum Corps International (DCI) has made an exceptional name for itself. Proving to be a dream destination for ambitious, young drum corps enthusiasts, these athletes are granted a world-renowned education from the league of DCI and given a global platform … Read More

Evaluate and Adjust

Film… Music… Photography… A fluid collaboration of the arts, a synergy of aesthetic talents… Basically the modus operandi of a well-known production… The Thin Line festival has been utilizing this formula for ten successful years, catering to its loyal audience … Read More

Children are the Future

I feel the great Whitney Houston said it best… “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” One unbelievable music educator is currently changing the game. Thriving in a preparatory academy located … Read More

Py Day

“Pi Day” is celebrated on March 14th (3.14) each year. The symbol, the “3.14” is a constant mathematical figure. It is a “constant.” My father’s name is Py. I do not believe this is a coincidence. My father is constant. … Read More

2017 Rose Bowl Parade

Imagine assembling 300 of the most talented musical performers throughout the United States. Imagine appointing one of the most accomplished directors to lead such an ensemble. Imagine placing them in Pasadena, California in front of millions…. Imagination comes to actuality … Read More


The Stars of Macy’s Day Parade 2016

For decades, the American tradition on Thanksgiving has consisted of family and friends gathering together to enjoy a day of quality conversation, homemade food, and heated games of football. But what millions of families across the country look forward to … Read More

35 Years and Counting

This year marked the 35th anniversary of Pygraphics! The Pyware team was ecstatic to celebrate a booming 35 years as the leader of drill design software. While reminiscing on the journey of groundbreaking innovations, phenomenal half-time shows and humbling accolades, … Read More


Big things are happening in Argyle, America. This month the Pyware team had the honor of interviewing a newly inducted member of the American Bandmasters Assocation (ABA) that coincidentally happens to be our next-door neighbor. After discovering the news of … Read More


Ah yes, April… Tax season. Showers leading up to those proverbial May flowers. Percussionists drumming on LITERALLY EVERY SURFACE EVER. STOP IT. There are few certainties in life, but above all else, you can be sure that April is for … Read More


Drill Designers – it’s time to embrace your creative propensity. Join a summer workshop and learn how to build your design ideas into solidified drill with Pyware 3D. Learn some tips and tricks to our software that will help mold … Read More


Millions of college football fans gathered around the television to watch the National Championship, anxiously waiting to see who would reign victorious, Alabama or Clemson. Which university will take home the trophy – the Crimson Tide or the Tigers? The … Read More


On December 16th, the Pyware team traveled to Chicago, Illinois to present their new ground-breaking mobile application, the Pyware 3D Viewer, at the 69th Annual Midwest International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference. Approximately 17,000 participants were a part of this … Read More