Pyware Custom Props at the DCI Finals

Pyware Custom Props at the DCI Finals

Congratulations to all the corps who performed and made history at the 2023 DCI World Championships!

This year, our Art Director Jesse Mercer, fulfilled custom prop orders for several of the corps’ DCI performances. Following specific instruction from the designers, Jesse created props that provided the various corps an even more realistic preview of their shows. The ability to accurately view the exact appearance and location of the props in the program, and the way in which performers would maneuver around them, gave our users a new level of confidence during the design process.


We have recently unlocked these props for Pyware users running Version 11, available for use today!


“Helping bring band directors’ creative aspirations to life is both fulfilling and motivating. It is really cool to see ideas transform into reality” — Pyware Art Director Jesse Mercer.


Phantom Regiment





“Our prop designs this year were so wonderful to work with through Pyware. The ability to see the size, scale, and scope of each of our set pieces was paramount in being able to bring the vision from Pyware to life. The details with each prop allowed us to create, imagine, and construct in a way that translated directly to the field with ease. We would not have been able to accomplish this without our friends at Pyware,” Phantom Regiment Visual Director and Designer, Steven Estudillo, said.


Boston Crusaders




“Having the props made by the Pyware designers for Pyware was instrumental in us being able to stage the corps in, on, and around the props. Being able to accurately picture the props moving on the field gave us peace of mind that the ideas and the props themselves were going to work in the early spring as we began designing the show. Thank you Pyware!” said Boston Crusaders Drill Designer, Leon May.


Carolina Crown


Madison Scouts


We will continue to add new props for access!

If you need a custom prop created for your show, please visit our Real View Store to make your request! Our Art Director also customizes uniforms, equipment, and surfaces.


In addition to creating these props for the 2023 DCI season, our programmers implemented brand-new features to Version 11 to aid and expedite the design process.

Our team has added the ability to copy and paste transitions in the same file or between files! Pull your favorite transitions and duplicate them in an instant! We have also added options to the Traditional Tools, such as a flank and hold option, and the ability to flank on both 45 degree and 135-degree slants, instead of solely 90 degree turns.


“The new features in Version 11 made writing the 2023 Phantom Regiment show a lot easier. Simply put, all the new features in Pyware allowed me to create complex and sophisticated designs with relative ease, while capturing the essence of my creative vision. Just as visual design has grown over the past several years, Pyware has been able to keep up with our robust needs in the way they implement intuitive tools to help with bringing our vision to the field,” said Steven Estudillo.


Our team is here to assist designers in every way to transform a vision into a reality.

Pyware 3D Version 11 allows access to all the props above and there are more coming! Stay tuned!

For the full Version 11 feature list, please visit:


Congratulations to all the DCI corps that performed and shout-out to the Blue Devils for taking home the victory!

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