Not on Version 11? Check this out!

Not on Version 11? Check this out!

Are you a Pyware user running an older version of the software?

Curious what the latest edition is offering that you might not have?

Here are some of the most popular features of Version 11 among the most respected directors and designers.


And please note, any files you are working on now in your current version WILL open Version 11.


The Collaboration System allows members of the staff to work on the same drill at the exact same time. The director can set up a design team and make assignments for different team members — visuals, locations, labeling, audio sync, cast list, etc. Any work team members complete will be updated on all team members Pyware programs. Collaboration assignments can be seamlessly merged, changed, or re-assigned by the team leader.

Create the best show as a team, no matter where the members are located!



Multiple Page Tab Layers allow each designer to arrange a tab layer of their own, according to their needs.

Set up a page tab layer on the count track exactly how you want!


“Pyware continues to evolve and impress!  The new features in Version 11 make collaboration so much easier, and the ability to create different page tab layers for different sections further enhance customization.  Far and away, the “gold standard” for quality and customer service, Pyware is the ONLY choice for drill design!”  – Ron Hardin


“The multi-tab layering addition to the page tab system in Pyware was the feature I never knew I needed, and now can’t live without. In tandem with the stagger and sequential push tools, staggered movement and arrivals has never been so easy. No more locking the anchor range track or sliding the red and yellow toggles counts at a time. Just setup your micro moves in separate layers under the macro count structure and you’re done!”  – Stuart Shulman


In the Real View Store, simulate every aspect of your show in the Real View Perspective — props, uniforms, accessories, flooring, etc. With Version 11, we have updated our store with every option you could imagine! But, if our options aren’t quite meeting your vision, email us and our Art Director will customize an item(s) just for you.



The latest mobile applications can only be accessed by owning a Pyware 3D Version 11 license or subscription.

-Access to the latest UDB features

-Access to the Mobile Editor

Click the link for the full article on the Mobile Editor:

-Pyware Junior

Click the link for the full article on Pyware Junior:


Version 11 will keep you up to date on all platforms!

Ready to upgrade? Click the link to view your upgrade options:


Unsure of your serial number or want to explore subscription options?

Email or call 800-222-7536


We would love to discuss the options that would best suit your program.


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