Pyware 3D Mobile Editor

Pyware 3D Mobile Editor

For the past 40 years, Pyware has kept pace with the ever-changing needs of music educators, while continuing to push the envelope of drill design. As the software has advanced, requests for a mobile application to not only view 3D drill files, but edit them as well, have poured in from band directors and drill designers across the map. This highly requested feature is now possible with the Pyware 3D Mobile Editor. This app is revolutionizing the revision stage of drill design for all members of marching band staff — drill writers, band directors, assistants, and visual caption heads. Rather than lugging computers to the football field for rehearsal, the staff can make all the desired changes to the show conveniently from a handheld device. The Mobile Editor proves to serve as the perfect sidekick to make impromptu changes to drill, on the field and on the fly.



A perfect production often relies on teamwork and creative responsibilities distributed among various leaders of the band. This app is an ideal tool for collaboration, as all staff members are invited to participate in revising the show. Using the “Design Team” feature, multiple designers can work on the same drill at the exact same time. Each designer can have exclusive editing access to their assigned performers, while viewing live updated drill of the other team members’ work.

These revisions can also be directly uploaded to the UDB app, the premiere student-centered training tool for marching bands. The syncing component provides performers with the most updated drill for maximized rehearsal time. This convenient way to polish a production is another step forward in transforming the drill design process, saving time, and boosting efficiency. Directors are already seeing the results…

“In working directly with the Mobile Editor, I have seen the future of Pyware. Every iteration of Pyware pushes our medium forward, and this is no exception! The ability to edit drill on the fly, upload those changes to UDB, all while holding my iPad is a game changer. When performers have the best and most up-to-date information in their hands, groups will move more effectively and with more efficiency. The possibilities of the mobile editor are endless,” Purdue University’s Assistant Professor of Music and Associate Director of the “All-American” Marching Band, Jonathan Sweet, explained.

Throughout the activity, more designers and directors are often teaching shows while making artistic changes, simultaneously. This current method is what encouraged the developers at Pyware to build a handy, user-oriented app to make those creative adjustments on the spot. Pyware 3D’s evolving rewrite and editing features can be accessed instantly from the Mobile Editor.

“The new designing and teaching styles inspired us to bring (3D) tools directly onto the field so changes can be made in real time and sent directly to the students’ UDB app,” Pyware Founder Py Kolb stated.

Continually meeting the technological needs of customers is Pyware’s top priority. The development team strives to keep moving the needle in music education and the marching arts with advanced applications — the Mobile Editor was designed for just that.

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