Happy Birthday, Dustin!

Happy Birthday, Dustin!

We would like to wish a Happy 40th Birthday to our amazing Application Systems Director, Dustin Merrell!


Pyware has been blessed to have Dustin as a member of the team since he was in high school. He truly epitomizes a perfect customer service agent, going above and beyond for customers in every single way. His technical support within the marching arts community has grown from compelling to legendary. There is no shortage of customers who would attest to his patience, thoughtfulness, care, and expertise.


“Dustin started out as tech-support for me, moved into emergency lifeline, transitioned to confidant and occasional therapist, and landed at dear friend. The roller coasters of emotions from designers he has to navigate with every writing season is nothing short of incredible. He does it with grace, humor, and patience. He has done so much for so many, and I count myself lucky to have known him all these years.” — Michael Gaines


“Dustin has been a huge part of the fantastic customer experience we have all had with Pyware! He has not only gotten us to become proficient users of the product but has given us so many educational opportunities through Pyware Night School and various contests. The number of features he has added has made Pyware not only more robust, but much easier to use. He has created an interactive community of users and collaborators. Frankly, I cannot name a similar music education product that has provided this level of service.” — Phil Min


“It’s hard to do just one ‘Dustin Story.’ I mean, he was the one who talked me into doing a YouTube tutorial. So, in effect, the mild entertainment I provide there is his fault. He’s always been there almost right when I needed him to.  I’ve even tried to keep a mental note of his solutions to problems. The man literally breathes Pyware!” — Gregory Bailey


“Our community of designers would not be able to do what we do without having Dustin in our corner over the many years he has been at Pyware. Dustin has helped me and many others in our community so many times and has always made himself available to answer questions to troubleshoot an issue. His ability to provide top-notch customer service as well as product expertise is a rare double skill, and I’m forever thankful that Dustin has always been able to go above and beyond for all of us.” — Matt Hartwell


“Even though I understand that Dustin is serious about customer service, I am still stunned by not only how quickly he responds but how frequently it’s during non-business hours.  I remember one time in particular, I was having some trouble during a summer, Sunday morning and I decided to send an email and call it quits for the day.  I received a response almost instantly! We corresponded via messenger and phone I was back at work in no time!  It was quite a relief.  This kind of thing has happened more than once.  I also like that Dustin is so patient when I contact him with a problem that is the drill design equivalent of searching for eyeglasses that are sitting on top of my head!  I’ll message him with some seemingly awful, urgent issue only for Dustin to point out, calmly, professionally and without judgement that I have overlooked some basic Pyware function I’d been using for years and forgot about in my panic!” — Mitch Rogers


“Dustin is not only a fantastic technician, fixing problems, communicating quickly, and resolving issues effortlessly.  He is also an amazing human being.  I have had many phone calls, chats and help sessions with him and I am always amazed at his ability to understand exactly where the customer is, especially in late July.” — Joe Huls


We at Pyware know just how great he is but it is so gratifying to know that he is being recognized by so many others. His generosity is unmatched. Not only is he exemplary at his job, but he is one of the kindest, most good-hearted people we have had the pleasure to know.

Dustin, thank you for all the hard work you put in on a daily basis. Your consistent work ethic inspires our whole team. Enjoy your special day! You deserve it!

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