Brand-New Releases!

Brand-New Releases!

Our team is thrilled to introduce a catalogue of brand-new subscription options and mobile applications.


These subscriptions are purchasing options we have never offered before. For new and current Pyware users, a subscription will keep you on the most up-to-date version of the software. Your license will automatically upgrade as new versions are released. We have made options available for all varieties of ensembles, including small bands and indoor groups.


We also expanded our mobile application options. Since the beginning of the year, we offered the Mobile Editor to allow for convenient, on-the-fly editing of drill. Our team is now providing an option for those without a Pyware license an app that edits a purchased marching band show.


Lastly, we have an option for students! A new way to prepare for band camp or work on perfecting their steps throughout the season, the Performer portion of Pyware Junior allows students to practice simulating their drill movements at home. They can also explore the skill of drill design on their own through the Designer portion.


Here is a look at the newest releases, all available to purchase today!


Pyware Platinum Subscription

$799.00/year with 2 seats

For the drill design enthusiasts, this subscription grants access to every single Pyware product we offer. With all the Professional features including plug-ins (Traditional Tools, Personal Drill Book Printer, Spiral Tool, Splice Tool, and Floor Covers) and the backwards compatibility option. This also allows access to our mobile applications — the Indoor edition and the Mobile Editor.


Pyware Small Bands Subscription

$299.00/year with 1 seat

For bands of 60 performers or less, this subscription includes all features of the Basic Version 11.


Pyware Indoor Subscription

$149.00/year with 1 seat

For bands of 40 performers or less, this subscription is suited for WGI groups and competitive performing arts activities — color guard, percussion ensembles, and indoor marching bands. This allows for drill writing on a mobile device. Design on a court, use the adjustor tool, print, and upload to the UDB app.


Stand Alone Mobile Editor

$199.00/year with 1 seat

For band directors that do not own a Pyware license, they may edit a purchased show from a handheld device.


Pyware Junior

Available for purchase on the Apple or Google Play Store.

A two-component app for students to both practice simulating drill movements in their band’s show at home, as well as explore the skill of drill designing. Click the link for the full breakdown of this fun, interactive app:


For any questions or inquiries for quotes, please contact us at


Our mission is to equip every director, designer, student, and band program with the tools they need to reach full potential and see success. We hope these mobile applications and new avenues of purchasing will not only meet the needs of our talented customers but exceed their expectations.

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