Children are the Future

Children are the Future

I feel the great Whitney Houston said it best…

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”

One unbelievable music educator is currently changing the game. Thriving in a preparatory academy located in Adelanto, California, Desert Trails Preparatory Academy holds some of the most talented, aspiring musicians. Band Director Patty Thayer is cultivating her students using the most progressive drill design software across the globe — Pyware.

What’s the catch?

Professor Thayer’s students happen to be elementary kids…

Elementary kids! Learning the dynamics of such complex software. Imagine the possibilities. Practicing drill design with Pyware, striving under the instruction of an esteemed colleague, with 33 years as a band director under her belt. 2017 marks the third year of her instruction and leadership at Desert Trails Preparatory Academy. There should be no surprise that in such a short segment of time, Thayer has already made her name abundantly known as she is molding the world’s youngest drill designers.

Developing her proverbial chicks to strive to their fullest potential, she will send them out of the nest with confidence they are each one of a kind. As she has accomplished something so rare with them. Her elementary kids are evolving the cognizance of those whom are at the collegiate level. I’ll repeat myself… Imagine the possibilities.

What inspired you to take on the challenge of teaching elementary kids drill design? How are they progressing?

“I want my kids to drive to the future. They will use pro tools and current technology, while coordinating with the curriculum. They are progressing well, using laptops to utilize Pyware.”

How has your experience been employing our software into your curriculum?

“Pyware has been a challenge. I’m ‘old school,’ but as I continue to play with it, the interaction within the paper and then to see it on screen is incredible.”

Band Director Thayer strives to be on the frontier of guidance and schooling. Allowing her eager, youthful drill designs students access and instruction to modern and cutting-edge software is revolutionary.

The Pyware team is so incredibly thrilled that Professor Thayer took an audacious chance to teach the youth of the music industry with our software.

“I really appreciate everything; we have a tool and a crew at Pyware that is so wonderful to have. The customer service is extraordinary; I advertise Pyware as much as I can.”

Thayer continues, “Pyware reputation proceeds them. Your staff is not arrogant, and the product is not so astronomically priced that people can’t afford it.”

We serve to grant programs and instructors such as Band Director Patty Thayer and the extraordinary students of Desert Trails Preparatory Academy a tool to expand and improve their already thriving potential.

The Pyware team extends our deepest gratitude to Band Director Thayer, as she is changing the game with her young students.

“The children are our future.”

Such children are in the best hands with Thayer’s forward-looking training techniques. Good luck and keep on thriving! Look forward to seeing y’all on the big screen.

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