Millions of college football fans gathered around the television to watch the National Championship, anxiously waiting to see who would reign victorious, Alabama or Clemson. Which university will take home the trophy – the Crimson Tide or the Tigers?

The athletes strap on their gear as each head coach delivers a motivational speech. As these pre-game rituals are in action, the Alabama and Clemson marching bands are preparing for battle as well. These marching bands are among the most respected in the country; many may wonder how they separate themselves. The answer is in their preparation. What do the most prestigious marching bands have in common? Pyware.

Let’s introduce the directors that sit under the national spotlight for one last game this season…

Tim Hurlburt, the Assistant Director of Bands at Clemson University, has used Pyware religiously since his arrival at the university eight years ago. He reported nothing but high praises when asked about his experience with our software.

“The features are impressive and I can see how it would be a very helpful tool to make both the learning and cleaning process much more efficient.”

“We haven’t started using the 3D [Viewer] App yet, but we are seriously looking into it for next season,” Hurlburt said. “The features are impressive and I can see how it would be a very helpful tool to make both the learning and cleaning process much more efficient.”

The idea of implementing the app in the future is becoming the forefront of conversation for the Clemson University Tiger Band.

On the other side of the field, this director may now be recognized as the Director of Bands for the university that took home the ring in 2016. The Alabama University Band claims authority to the name, The Million Dollar Band. Ken Ozello, the Director of Bands at Alabama University has integrated Pyware into the band’s operation.

In 2003, the band was named “National Champion” of collegiate marching bands. A few years later, they received a request from the Bands of America Regional Championships to perform, which is just to name one of the many exhibitions they have been invited to all over the United States.

As we accredit the talent of these music students and directors, the Pyware team is thrilled to have played a part in their preparation.

We offer our gratitde to the marching bands of Alabama and Clemson University for using Pyware.

Congratulations to the Crimson Tide for taking home the victory and to the Million Dollar Band for delivering an outstanding halftime show, available to view here:

As the clock winds down and the first half comes to an end, the student athletes return to their locker rooms and the music students take control of the field. And while these illustrious marching bands are performing in front of millions, Pyware is proud to sit on the sidelines and cheer them on.

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