Gift Guide Day Three: Pose Book for Marching Bands

Gift Guide Day Three: Pose Book for Marching Bands

Trucking right along now into day three of our Gift Guide. If you need to catch up on previous days, you can do so here:

Day Two: Pyware Clinic
Day One: UDBapp

For day three, let’s talk GE.

Once the show is on the field, you’ll want to start adding in visual elements for effect.

Are you tired of using the same old poses year in and out? This is the book for you. Chock-full of  suggestions, the Performer’s Academy “Pose Book for Marching Bands” has plenty of ideas to give your ensemble an overhaul.

Beginning with balanced poses (easiest to achieve), the book progresses through off-balanced poses and layered poses to cover a range of pose that are suited for ensembles of varying skill levels.

“Pose Book for Marching Bands” is available for purchase from Dan Ryder Field Drills.

PS: Rumor has it the Performer’s Academy Horn Line Visuals DVD is being updated and scheduled to release early next year. Keep an eye out!

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