Big things are happening in Argyle, America.

This month the Pyware team had the honor of interviewing a newly inducted member of the American Bandmasters Assocation (ABA) that coincidentally happens to be our next-door neighbor.

After discovering the news of neighboring Argyle band director Kathy Johnson’s election into this prestigious group of music aficionados (members are invite only, totaling less than 300), we jumped at the opportunity to spotlight her success. Director Johnson was kind enough to share her reaction of her entitlement into the ABA, as well as her advice to aspiring music directors.

Before relaying those responses, here is a brief overview of her extraordinary prosperity in the music industry:

After Mrs. Johnson received her masters in music education from the University of North Texas, she served in the community of several renowned music associations such as the Texas Bandmasters Association, the Texas Music Educators Association, the Association of Small School Bands, Women Band Directors International and the Texas Music Adjudicators Association. Johnson was also responsible for the founding of Dallas Winds, a professional Wind Ensemble.

Soaring to the pinnacle of her success thus far, Mrs. Johnson shared with us her elation over the ABA induction, as well as her acceptance of the responsibility that comes with this great honor.

“Of course I am excited, but that is also mixed with a little fear of being around all of the icons of the band world. This is more than just an honor, it is a charge to continue the work of those educators who have come before me and to promote and nurture music education throughout the United States and beyond.”

Under Johnson’s direction, the Argyle high school marching band has gone on a back-to-back winning spree for the past four years. When asked the foundation of her success, she graciously stated that as a band director you act as the facilitator. The work and effort of the students is what promotes their success. Humility and hard work are her utmost values as a music educator.

“Know your craft, assimilate the information, but do not forget that you are working with people who have feelings and who look to you as a role model and inspiration. Do not put a prize above the integrity of the music and of the art of making music.”

“If you have nurtured and inspired your students, you have done your job.”

“You need to celebrate your students accomplishments without making it about you. If you have nurtured and inspired your students, you have done your job.”

Following the advice from this distinguished director, we were interested in finding out what ignited her passion for music. Surprisingly, it began with dance. An elementary performance of the Nutcracker prompted Mrs. Johnson to view the beauty of the music over dance. She fell in love with the on goings below the stage — the orchestra. As she danced a solo performance, Mrs. Johnson was mesmerized over the synergy taking place in the pit orchestra and in that moment she decided it was music that was going to be her career.

Kathy Johnson is an humble and well accomplished director to whom which we are honored to have as a trusting client and proponent of Pyware’s drill design software.

“Pyware is a great tool. The ability to see production before it is put on the field is a great teaching tool and a time saver for the directors in terms of being able to spot potential problems.”

“We have used the Pyware marching pads with our students, which has helped with the accuracy of the student and is a great assessment tool. We are looking forward to using the new Pyware app this Fall.”

The Pyware team greatly appreciates the support from our “hometown hero” Kathy Johnson and only wish her the best in her future endeavors.

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