Py Day

Py Day

“Pi Day” is celebrated on March 14th (3.14) each year. The symbol, the “3.14” is a constant mathematical figure. It is a “constant.”

My father’s name is Py. I do not believe this is a coincidence. My father is constant. He is a constant worker. He has worked endlessly to build his product to the potential he believed was possible. That belief and pursuit led him to an unbelievable status in the music software business.

The value of the figure “Pi” never ends. Reaching to infinity, the value of “Pi” is boundless. Pyware’s mission is to model this philosophy.

With constant updates for every version of our software, we strive to be boundlessly innovative. Within every Pyware purchase, expect progress. Expect breakthroughs, improvements and evolution.

Reflecting on the creativity and brilliance of Py Kolb, CEO of Pygraphics, the Pyware team celebrates “Py Day,” as his innovations are boundless.

Pygraphics loves to give back to our customers who have taken a chance with our products.

Happy “Py Day!”


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