Brooks Andersen: Master of Creative Design

Brooks Andersen: Master of Creative Design

Brooks Andersen is one of the most innovative, artistic designers in the marching arts today, famous for his wildly fresh and captivating productions. It is no wonder he has received countless requests to share his expertise in visual design and knowledge of organizing shows with Pyware. In addition to providing visual design for clients, Brooks has introduced On The Dot Marching — a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing drill design tutorials and next-generation marching arts demos.


This pandemic allowed Brooks the time to work on these out-of-the-box projects that have fascinated and excited so many designers, inspiring discussion for different writing approaches and techniques. His demos are creating an opportunity for fun, productive conversation between marching enthusiasts during this unconventional time.

In the spirit of Halloween, Brooks created a dark and eerie demo inspired by award-winning, best-selling video game, DOOM.

Talk about creativity…


Brooks expanded on the fact some great music is not being considered for field shows because it does not fit the standard formula for marching show design — but this should be reevaluated.

“The show demos I’m designing for fun are using music that I believe could work really well on the field with some creative arranging,” he said. “Being able to demonstrate how I hear the orchestration and arrangement using Pyware 3D, and especially the Real View allows me to show my ideas in a fun and realistic way.”


Brooks also created an amazing marching show demo based on the extremely popular, recently released battle royale game, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Drawing from the chaotic color scheme and instrumentation of the game, he arranged an off the wall production, really entertaining to watch.


Back in April, Brooks joined us for our very first Pyware Homeschool Master Class to discuss practical use of the Real View in the design process and how to successfully push the software to its limits.


“Real View has been an extremely powerful tool for my clients. Being able to visualize exactly how the band’s uniforms, guard costumes, flags, props, and staging will look before putting anything on the field is something I think adds a lot of value to my work,” he stated. “I can instantly see any issues with staging, line of sight, perspective, and scale of all elements in the show.”


Brooks has accumulated an extensive, nationwide list of clients over the course of his career. Investing as much time and work necessary, his design and direction have helped programs across the map consistently reach new heights year after year. Brooks is continuing to gain a following through his new YouTube channel, as his creative designs are blazing the trail for a brand-new, modern lane in the marching arts realm.


It is so exciting for our team at Pyware to see designers like Brooks Andersen utilize every tool in the software’s arsenal to create original, unprecedented productions. Be sure to check out his website and subscribe to On The Dot Marching.

Here is a sneak preview for his next video POWERUP!

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