Celebrate good times- come on!

Celebrate good times- come on!

Over the weekend, the famed Lucas Oil Stadium was once again home to the DCI Tour! We want to congratulate DCI for diligently and safely organizing the 3-day Celebration for thousands of viewers to revel in the magic of live performance again

A big shout-out to all the drum corps that performed and built even more anticipation for next year’s 50th Anniversary of DCI.

The Pyware Team would also like to welcome back students and teachers as we enter the new school year!  We have jam-packed the latest Version 11 with gripping new features to help transition into an exciting, IN-PERSON 2021-22 season

How much time would you save if you could set up all of your performers in one simple step? A lot of time, you’d save a lot of time.

Introducing the new Set Up Wizard

Step 1: Insert General Information
Step 2: Staging
Step 3: NEW Casting
Step 4: Choose how you would like the performers to populate in the design grid.
Designers will be AMAZED at the amount of time saved with the newSet Up Wizard!
Streamline the creation of your files by placing performers on the field all at once!

With so much to look forward to as we slowly return to normalcy, our team can’t wait too have your back for whatever lies ahead.


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