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Hot new features you didn’t know you needed- but you really, really need. Trust us!

From the time you sit down and open up Pyware, to the time you finish your drill — we are here for you. From start to finish. The Drill Wizard will navigate you through the steps of setting up your … Read More

Welcome back to school!

Summer vacation has come to an end and students are headed back to the classroom!  After the past year, teachers may be questioning, What is the most efficient way to jump back into Marching Band courses with students? What if … Read More

Fresh out of Development straight to you!

 We have been consistently developing and releasing new features into Version 11. This week we will be debuting our newest feature waveform audio sync and highlighting our recently added feature show symbols as dots. Toggle between Symbols or Dots as … Read More

Celebrate good times- come on!

Over the weekend, the famed Lucas Oil Stadium was once again home to the DCI Tour! We want to congratulate DCI for diligently and safely organizing the 3-day Celebration for thousands of viewers to revel in the magic of live … Read More

Bands are back in business!

The Pyware team was ecstatic to attend TBA IN PERSON this year and introduce the latest (and greatest) Pyware 3D Version 11! We understand the challenge of returning to design after such a long time away… Confidently jump back into … Read More

Frankendrill 2019

Frankendrill 2019

The creative and collaborative drill competition that gained popularity last year throughout the drill designing community is back! Designers who love Halloween, or just wanted an opportunity to show their chops, participated in “Frankendrill 2019.” Their skills were put to … Read More


Spotlight on MSU

MSU Bands Reunion to Remember Story by Barbara-Scott Kolb   It was no ordinary homecoming for Michigan State University this past Saturday afternoon… This year marked the 150th anniversary of MSU Bands, one of the oldest and most esteemed marching … Read More

Labor Day

Labor Day 2019

By leaps and bounds… that is how we, at Pyware, have always striven to enhance our program since the company’s inception. As we have witnessed the evolution of our software over the course of 38 years, we are incredibly pleased … Read More