Frankendrill 2019

Frankendrill 2019

Frankendrill 2019

The creative and collaborative drill competition that gained popularity last year throughout the drill designing community is back! Designers who love Halloween, or just wanted an opportunity to show their chops, participated in “Frankendrill 2019.” Their skills were put to the test, while working within a group to conjure up a haunting drill show as a team.

This year, the “Franken-designers” used Pyware 3D Version 10 to create drill and the Pyware Portal as the ultimate liaison between their team members.

“This is the 2nd year we’ve done Frankendrill and the new Pyware Portal certainly made the collaboration process a lot easier! Working with the other team members through the portal I know exactly when a shared file has been uploaded and ready for the next designer. I’m looking forward to using this new tool with my other groups!” – Eric V. Salas

“Version 10 of Pyware has been great to use. Most notably I have enjoyed the portal. The efficiency of being able to communicate with one another and to share files has been very beneficial.” – Jason Ortega

The most exciting element of the contest this year, may have been the new custom props found within the Version 10 Real View Asset Store.

To all those who dared to participate, we wish you a Happy Halloween from the Pyware Team.

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