Welcome back to school!

Welcome back to school!

Summer vacation has come to an end and students are headed back to the classroom!  After the past year, teachers may be questioning,

What is the most efficient way to jump back into Marching Band courses with students? What if classes go virtual again due to the pandemic?

We have got you covered with the latest Version 11 College Subscription option! Students are free to work on assignments both at school and at home through their very own Pyware Portal Account.

Teachers, the only requirement for this option is that your college or university own a Pyware license.

If you are unsure if your school owns a current or previous Pyware license, please contact us and we will inform you right away! If you are brand new to Pyware and are interested in this option for your students, we would love to chat with you and get you set up!

Have a Pyware license? Ready to roll with this student option?

Register your course here: www.pyware.com/school-registration

This 6-month, student subscription of the Professional version is $99.00 and may be applied to the future purchase of a permanent license for students if they so wish.

  Teach what you preach! Upgrade your directors license to match your students Version 11 Professional License.


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