Gift Guide Day 6: Marching Arts Education Membership

Gift Guide Day 6: Marching Arts Education Membership

Welcome back, shoppers!

If you need to catch up on previous days, you can do so here:

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Day 6 is here. A new week, a new wealth of information.

Speaking of wealth of information, why not consider gifting a membership to Marching Arts Education?

When it comes to keeping an ear to the ground on our activity, I can’t think of anyone more in the know than Tim Hinton and Marching Arts Education. If there’s a topic to discuss in the marching arts, they’ve probably covered it on a podcast. Seriously; the catalog is huge, and yet they still find ways to create original content that’s both relative and informative.

Along with the podcasts are webinars interviewing all the rock stars in our little industry. It’s one thing to hear the perspective of the pros, but being able to put a face and personality with their information really is a treat.

A membership to Marching Arts Education has its benefits. Here’s everything you get immediate access to:

  • Exclusive access to members-only webinars
  • All live webinars
  • All videos (including past webinars)
  • Archives of the Marching Roundtable, over 750 podcasts
  • Discounts on all courses
  • Discounts on Virtual Clinics
  • Discount on “The Dynamic Marching Band” Book
  • Special discounts with Partner Businesses
  • Watch anytime on any device

For the full details on membership benefits, click here.

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