Happy Birthday to our VP, Cayleen Kolb!

Happy Birthday to our VP, Cayleen Kolb!


The Pyware team would like to wish our Co-Founder and Vice President, Cayleen Kolb, a very Happy Birthday!

If you’ve been lucky enough to meet Cayleen, you know that she is a force to be reckoned with. Strong, charismatic, giving, creative, and motivated. All these qualities helped build the business Pygraphics is today. And she was there from the start…

Cayleen met Py at Southlake Carroll, where they became high school sweethearts. After graduating, they pursued different universities but remained in a relationship throughout their college careers. She attended the University of Texas Tech to study business and marketing, while Py went to UT and studied computer science.

In the early 1980’s, the marketing master and software savant combined each of their strengths and came up with an idea for a program that would transform the marching arts.

And if they could conquer launching a business together, they could conquer any challenge thrown their way. So in 1983, the two got married.

Cayleen never lost faith that with persistence, their idea would eventually come to fruition. She consistently encouraged Py during his programming process, reminding him that he had all the talent and capability to see success. With that conviction, Cayleen began developing marketing strategies and came up with the perfect name for the product line…


For the past 38 years, she has overseen all the facets of Pyware’s sales and marketing.

Today we want to thank Cayleen for her resilience in helping build the company from the ground up. We are grateful for the way she has taught our team to stretch our imaginations and think outside the box.   Her confidence in Pyware’s potential encourages our team to share in her faith.

And we all know that if we need a kick in the butt, someone to lean on, and everything in between — she will always be there.

Happy Birthday, Cayleen! We love you!



  1. Bob Buckner

    You are the best Cayleen! Happiest of Birthdays!

  2. Donna Buckner

    Happy Birthday, girlfriend!
    You totally rock…every day!

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