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Jaime Holly has always been mathematically inclined — he earned his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and became a math teacher at James Logan High School. But it was his passion for the marching arts that drove him to the decision to give that profession up for drill writing.

For the initial years of his drill design career, Jaime was writing all his drill by hand. Around 2004, he was given the opportunity to write for the Troopers… That is when he picked up Pyware and began teaching himself the software.

Jaime has served as the visual caption head and designer for numerous award-winning Bands of America and Western Band Association ensembles and non-profit organizations in DCI, DCA, and WGI. He has written for prestigious drum and bugle corps such as the Blue Devils, Academy, the Bluecoats, Troopers, Mystikal, and Pacific Crest and Fusion Core. His talent has even provided the opportunity to work with National Champion, Soka Renaissance Vanguard, from Tokyo, Japan.

Pyware has been Jamie’s design tool over the course of his career, as his list of clients have continued to multiply.

(Arizona Academy)

“I think the software has improved immensely with every version since I started using it. The stability and glitches have been smoothed out each year, and new features added,” Jaime stated.

He continued, “I have been especially impressed with the improved graphics over the last several years.”

Jaime currently works as a full-time drill designer, visual instructor and visual caption head for the elite ensembles across the country.

Jaime will be presenting in Pyware’s Homeschool Masterclass Tuesday, May 12th at 9pm CT.

He plans to discuss his design process for different types of ensembles — large bands such as Blue Springs and Vista Ridge, medium-sized bands like LD Bell and North Hardin, as well as the Arizona Academy drum corps. The focus of the class will be centered around working in harmony with coordinators, directors and staff. Also, how to incorporate different types of props throughout the drill.

(Blue Springs)

(L.D. Bell)

(North Hardin)

(Vista Ridge)

Register for his masterclass here: https://my.demio.com/ref/Q16KYurdtFVB1GUA


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