Phantom Regiment Academy

Phantom Regiment Academy

Last year, as the performing arts began to cancel seasons and events due the pandemic, Phantom Regiment quickly reacted by developing a new branch to their program — Phantom Regiment Academy. Not only was this educational platform designed to provide learning opportunities during a time of seclusion, but to prepare participants to confidently return to the field post-pandemic with newly acquired skills and training.

Phantom Regiment Academy saw tremendous success in 2020, as all camps and clinics sold out.


Early in the shutdown, PR Academy Director Stan Mauldin, expressed concern for young students who were going to miss out on the opportunity to participate in music, as schools were transitioning to virtual learning. Imagining such an extended period without exposure to the activity inspired the series of online training programs that will continue even as in-person practice and performing returns.


“Everything we do as a nation is going to change regarding learning and connectivity,” Stan said. “We are extremely pleased with the response from Phantom Regiment Academy with participants from all over the country. I think we will continue to have an online presence and the virtual learning component will stay with us.”


Percussionists, conductors, color guard performers, even designers and directors, all had the chance to learn from some of the best marching arts educators, worldwide. Along with the programs tailored for the different spheres of an ensemble, Phantom Regiment has also dedicated an initiative to student leadership. The Student Leaders program encourages the development of the skills necessary for a successful band leader. An Expert Lesson Series was also implemented to help build the foundation for beginning band students. Members of every field and level of the marching arts are welcome.


All camps and clinics are limited in size to provide the best quality educational experience. The Academy’s programs are already filling up for the Summer 2021 semester.

Click here for more information on upcoming sessions:


The PR Academy also includes professional development programs for directors, instructors, and drill designers.

The Phantom Regiment staff invited alum, Joe Huls, to host an introductory drill design workshop Tuesday, June 15th.

In 2002, after performing with Phantom Regiment for three years, Joe was captivated by the marching arts and began his drill design journey. He learned as much as he could from some of the best names in design, such as Michael Gaines and Leon May, and found his footing in the world of drill design. Now 18 years later, Joe uses the knowledge he’s acquired to create unique shows, custom-fit for his clients and also help aspiring drill writers navigate Pyware.


Joe has written for groups of all levels, ranging from locally competitive bands to Big Ten University ensembles and WGI finalists. He is owner and creator of drill design business and educational tutorial series, Drill Design Solutions, dedicated to providing  Pyware tutorial services, pre-designed shows, and collaborative opportunities for those looking to create new productions. Through his company, Joe has assisted numerous designers and directors execute successful productions and most importantly, see their students thrive.


The “Virtual Director Workshop: Drill + Pyware 101” will take place Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Sign up for the workshop here:

Joe has broken down the workshop into two sessions — “What to Expect From Your Drill Designer” and “Band Directors Guide to Pyware.” The first session will focus on how to strengthen the relationship between director and designer to create the best product for students. The second session will include an overview of the software, encouraging directors to learn more about Pyware in order to maximize rehearsal time. Both portions are intended to improve the skills of drill designers and band directors, independently and collaboratively.

All proceeds go directly to the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps to benefit their triumphant return to the field this summer.


All groups of the marching arts — designers, directors, performers, and fans —are beyond excited for the activity to finally return to live performance.

“This last year, I was amazed by the creativity found through the cloud of social distancing and masking. I have now begun camps and rehearsals with marching bands for the fall and I can honestly say that the kids and staff are fired up to get back on the field making new moments and memories in 2021,” Joe said.


Phantom Regiment will be performing at the Midwest Combine, an event near their hometown, leading up to the DCI Summer Celebration. Follow their Facebook page, Phantom Regiment, for news and updates.

“To say we are thrilled for summer 2021 would be an understatement,” Stan Mauldin expressed. “Phantom Regiment is so excited to be back on the field and can’t wait to see the other corps of the Midwest.”

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