Stuart Shulman

Stuart Shulman

Stuart Shulman has been immersed in drum corps for the past 20 years, contributing in several different areas of the activity along the way.

As an educator, he has taught Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, and The Academy drum corps. He also marched for SCV from 2001-2005 as both a tubist and drum major.

Stuart earned his bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Ottowa University and a Master of Music in Conducting from Texas A&M University-Commerce. He served as the Assistant Director of Bands at his alma-mater TAMUC and directed several high school finalists at the UIL State Marching Championships.

Inspired from his experiences gained throughout different avenues of drum corps, Stuart began exploring drill writing and visual design. In college, he started writing with Pyware and has used the software throughout his career.

“The program has certainly evolved over the years to offer a wider range of tools and services, to that, I am thankful!” Stuart said.



In 2007, he started his own business Integrated Effects LLC, serving programs unique drill design, providing educational clinics for students and staff, and much more.

Stuart is not only a talented drill writer, but his dedication to improving every facet of the programs he works with is what truly makes him unique.

He is currently the Visual Designer for the World Class Drum Corps, Genesis, and on the Education Team for Ultimate Drillbook.

We at Pyware have been so pleased with the collaborative efforts of our team and UDB and the impact our teamwork has made in the marching band community.

Stuart will be joining our Pyware Homeschool Masterclass to discuss UDB integration and key practices to help your drill look its best in the app.

Register for his session that will be held Monday, May 4th at 9pm CT here:

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