Virtual Arts: Connecting the Marching Arts Community Worldwide

As marching seasons were cancelled to ensure safety during the pandemic, fundraising extraordinaire Jake Lyons assumed the task of creating a worldwide online community of musicians to keep the magic of performing alive while stay-at-home mandates remain in effect. Virtual Arts is quickly becoming one of the largest, most wide-reaching organizations, uniting music enthusiasts across the globe in creation of phenomenal virtual performances.

Early this year, Virtual Arts launched the initial season of Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps, connecting over 2300 performers from 11 different countries for the first-ever virtual drum corps 2020 production, WE. They hired professional designers and a production team to guarantee a magnificent show and unique experience for all who chose to participate.




Virtual Arts not only made marching arts history with this production, but also managed to raise thousands of dollars for future DCI scholarships. Click the link below to view the full Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps 2020 Live Stream Show Premiere, including appearances from Virtual Arts Creator Jake Lyons and the staff discussing how they coordinated this never-before-attempted global performance.


After witnessing his vision come to fruition, Jake was ecstatic to continue working on ensuing projects he hopes to be as remarkable and historic as the first. Performers that were unable to participate in regular fall marching activities were offered the opportunity to join the fall Virtual Marching Band ensemble.


On Saturday December 19th at 8:00pm ET, tune in to the Virtual Arts YouTube channel to watch the first-ever Virtual Marching Band performance.





Possibly the most substantial endeavor Jake and his team have taken on thus far is the WGI commUNITY project.

“Since the Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps project and performance video ended up being something pretty special for everyone, and with the pandemic still keeping us apart, we knew we wanted to team up with WGI to offer another chance to create a lasting piece of art that will be meaningful long after we get back together in person,” Jake stated.




There will be three ensembles — winds, guard and percussion. Registration is $40 and participants will have access to sheet music, choreography, play-along tracks, and videos through the platform “My Virtual Arts.” Everyone who submits an audition will receive a part and learn from top designers and professionals in the industry. The Virtual Arts audiovisual team will create a final production for each ensemble. This is a once in a lifetime performance opportunity that you can be a part of from the comfort of your home!


The deadline to register is January 1st, 2021; sign up and learn more about the project here:

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of pageantry arts history!


Our team at Pyware have been so inspired by the stunning work Virtual Arts has orchestrated for the music arts community during these unprecedent times. If the Virtual DCI, Marching Band and WGI seasons weren’t enough, we were fortunate to have teamed up with the Virtual Arts team for a special Pyware Drill Writing Contest. Professional designer Lindsey Schueller wrote the first half of a production and roughly 250 participants signed up to use Pyware 3D Basic Version 10 free for 2 weeks to complete the piece.

The winner will receive the full Basic Version 10 — stay current with Facebook pages Pygraphics, Inc. and Virtual Arts to see the winning drill announced!


“Virtual Arts has been producing innovative projects during this unconventional time — they have shown the pageantry arts community what is possible for remote instruction and presenting an entertaining product,” Lindsey said. “Although performances are apart the ability to be a part of a group and grow together is a crucial part of the marching arts activity and Virtual Arts has provided it.”


The Pyware Team would like to extend our deepest respect and appreciation to Jake Lyons and Virtual Arts for offering an alternative way to experience the marching arts. The newfound online community of performers the organization has built, and the magical online productions have been astounding and we anticipate it is just the beginning for Virtual Arts.


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