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Frankendrill 2019

Frankendrill 2019

The creative and collaborative drill competition that gained popularity last year throughout the drill designing community is back! Designers who love Halloween, or just wanted an opportunity to show their chops, participated in “Frankendrill 2019.” Their skills were put to … Read More


Spotlight on MSU

MSU Bands Reunion to Remember Story by Barbara-Scott Kolb   It was no ordinary homecoming for Michigan State University this past Saturday afternoon… This year marked the 150th anniversary of MSU Bands, one of the oldest and most esteemed marching … Read More

Bible to work day

Bring your Bible to work day

    Today you may find students across the nation participating in “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” an annual celebration of religious freedom. As a Christ-centered company, our Pyware team would also like to acknowledge this day and embrace … Read More