Gift Guide Day 7: Techniques of Marching Band Show Designing

Gift Guide Day 7: Techniques of Marching Band Show Designing

Lucky #7 belongs to Dan Ryder of Ryder Field Drills.

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Our second book of the Gift Guide is Dan Ryder’s “Techniques of Marching Band Show Designing”. Yes, the same Dan Ryder that we posted about on day two.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name Dan Ryder, allow me to catch you up to speed. Dan has custom-designed over 1300 shows for high schools and universities over his 40+ year career. Prior to show design, Dan was a band director for 13 years in Pennsylvania and Texas. To say he’s cut his teeth on drill designing would be a vast understatement.

If you’ve got the tools (read: Pyware) but not a clue on where to start, get this book. The 6th Edition of “Techniques of Marching Band Show Designing” is over 600 pages covering transitions, planning shows, teaching shows, analyzing music, and even starting your own design business.

Beginner drill designer? This book is for you.

Advanced drill designer? This book is also for you.

Teaching a marching methods course? Get this book; it’s for you.

Need some inspiration for a rainy day? Guess what? You’re included.

To grab your copy, head over to Dan Ryder’s website.

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