Gift Guide Day 9: One on One Pyware Session

Gift Guide Day 9: One on One Pyware Session

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Day Nine may appear similar in theme to Day Two, and maybe it is. But today we’re recommending a different kind of Pyware clinic – a one on one session with our Principal Consultant, Craig Harms.

Look at him! Who wouldn’t want to have Pyware taught to them from that mug?!

In addition to being the Principal Consultant for Pyware, Craig has hosted Pyware and drill design seminars throughout the country. He designs custom shows for national and international marching bands, universities, and is a staff designer for Marching Show Concepts.

Craig’s unique approach to consulting opens the door of possibilities for you. He’ll either host you at his office in beautiful Woodland Park, CO, or set up times to connect remotely and video conference. With Craig, you’re not just learning the “ins and outs” of Pyware; you’ll also be working on your own show design. As expected, there’s only a limited availability for these unique sessions, so be sure to head over to his website, BandFo, for more information (he’s also asked to bear with him while the site is under upgrade construction).

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